Nigerian lawyer holds grand baby shower for her pregnant dog, writes amazing impacts it has had on her life (Photos)

An Abuja based lawyer and Madonna Univeristy graduate, Uju Jessica Anyiam, has taken to Facebook to share photos of the grand baby shower she had on her dog, Pinky, and shared amazing impact it had on her life!

She wrote:

The day I returned home crying. PINKY looked into my defeated gaze and licked my feet.
I was astounded that this creature was capable of the empathy that I so
craved in my closest friends and relatives. It was like she could read
the pathetic and sad thoughts that disabled me and wanted me to know I
was lovable in the midst of my suffering.
She continues to be a supportive presence in my life, especially on the days that I grow weary of trying on.
I hear tales of four-legged creatures becoming angels in times of
terrifying darkness. Indeed, a substantial body of research indicates
that pets improve our mental health.
1. Pets offer a soothing presence.
Studies indicate that merely watching fish lowers blood pressure and muscle tension in people about to undergo oral surgery.
Other research shows that pet owners have significantly lower blood
pressure and heart rate both before and while performing stressful
mental tasks — like, say, performing a family intervention or
supervising kids’ homework. Finally, persons recovering from heart
attacks recover more quickly and survive longer when there is a pet at
home. It seems as though their mere presence is beneficial.
2. Pets offer unconditional love and acceptance.
As far as we know, pets are without opinions, critiques, and verdicts.
Even if you smell like their poop, they will snuggle up next to you.
. In other words, at times we prefer our four-legged friends to our
mouthy pals because we can divulge our innermost thoughts and not be
3. Pets alter our behavior.
Here’s a typical
scenario. I come through the door in the evening and I’m annoyed. At
what, I don’t know. A million little snafus that happened throughout the
day. I am dangerously close to taking it out on someone. However,
before I can do that, my PINKY walks up to me, wanting some attention.
So I kneel down and pet her. She licks my face, and I smile. Voila! She
altered my behavior. I am only agitated a little now and chances are
much better that someone will not become a casualty of my frustrations.
We calm down when we are with our dogs, cats, lizards, and pigs. We slow
our breath, our speech, our minds. We don’t hit as many people or use
as many four-lettered words.
4. Pets distract.
Pets are like
riveting movies and books. They take us out of our heads and into
another reality – one that only involves food, water, affection, and
maybe an animal butt – for as long as we can allow. I’ve found
distraction to be the only effective therapy when you’ve hit a point
where there is no getting your head back. It’s tough to ruminate about
how awful you feel and will feel forever when your dog is breathing in
your face.
5. Pets promote touch.
The healing power of touch
is undisputed. Research indicates a 45-minute massage can decrease
levels of the stress hormone cortisol and optimize your immune system by
building white blood cells. Hugging floods our bodies with oxytocin, a
hormone that reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure and heart rates.
And, according to a University of Virginia study, holding hands can
reduce the stress-related activity in the hypothalamus region of the
brain, part of our emotional center. The touch can actually stop certain
regions of the brain from responding to threat clues. It’s not
surprising, then, that stroking a dog or cat can lower blood pressure
and heart rate and boost levels of serotonin and dopamine.
6. Pets make us responsible.
With pets come great responsibility, and responsibility — according to
depression research — promotes mental health. Positive psychologists
assert that we build our self-esteem by taking ownership of a task, by
applying our skills to a job. When we succeed — i.e., the pet is still
alive the next day — we reinforce to ourselves that we are capable of
caring for another creature as well as ourselves. That is why chores are
so important in teaching adolescents self-mastery and independence.
Taking care of a pet also brings structure to our day. Sleeping until
noon is no longer a possibility unless you want to spend an hour
cleaning up the next day. Staying out all night needs some preparation
and forethought. Traveling needs planning.

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