NairaForSMS : Nigeria Bulk SMS Site for Online Text Messaging and SMS Marketing

Compliments of the season!

We are introducing to to you today, a Nigeria bulk sms site for online text messaging and sms marketing. The site is owned by the Ogbonge Blogger,  Jide Ogunsanya. 

  •  Are you a business wanting to communicate or market to your customers with bulk sms?
  •  Are you an organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications or SMS alerts ?
  •  Are you an individual looking to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends?

If Yes, then you need to check out

When sending bulk sms on the bulk sms Nigeria website, you can enter a customized sender ID with up to 11 alpha-numeric characters to be displayed on the receivers mobile phones as the sender’s name. This can be the name of your business, organization etc.

You can schedule sms to be delivered on a later date and you can also upload phone numbers to your Nairaforsms phonebook so you won’t have to be re-typing phone numbers everytime you want to send a bulk message.

The site will give you free sms units to test the site once you complete your registration. If satisfied, you can buy more sms units which will be credited to your account once payment is confirmed.

The site also allows users to buy bulk sms online with ATM cards and VoguePay funds. The good thing is that those that buy sms online gets credited automatically once payment is successful.

If you want to start making money from bulk sms reseller business in Nigeria, you can also get started at NairaForSMS. 

Get FREE Bulk SMS at NairaForSMS

You will get 50 free bulk sms to send out customized new year messages to your loved ones if you sign up on NairaForSMS today.

Once you sign up and verify your account, drop your username as a comment here.  First 20 comments ONLY!

Go to : to sign up now!

Have fun!


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