Newly engaged couple in trouble over tiny proposal tiny (photos)

Jen Phanomrat and Leo Samanamud ,the duo behind the popular food blog and YouTube channel Just Eat Life, recently got engaged and when they shared the news on Instagram, they got some unexpected backlash.

“I said YES to my best friend!” Phanomrat wrote in the caption of a photo taken after the proposal. Instead of fans flooding the comments section with congratulations and well wishes, many were focused on the size of Phanomrat’s ring.

“Congrats!! Where’s the ring?” one person wrote. While another said, “Very happy, except that’s the smallest ring I’ve ever seen.”

But there were others who made even more direct insults.

“My best friend would at least know my ring size, especially after nine years,” someone said. Another went so far as to say, “It must suck to wait 9 years for a ring that look like that.”

Unsurprisingly, Phanomrat was offended by the putdowns. Especially since the ring was what she would have chosen herself.

“He knew exactly what type of ring I’d love,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle of her soon-to-be husband Samanamud. “A delicate, hammered gold ring with a tiny pearl. I don’t usually wear any jewelry, but when I do, it’s simple and minimal.”

As a cooking show host, Phanomrat notes that a large diamond would be impractical for everyday wear because her hands are usually working with food and getting messy.

“What mattered to me the most was the tiny detail on the inside of the ring,” she shares. “He asked the ring maker to inscribe the initials of our nicknames for each other. I swear I thought I was floating in the air when he pointed it out. My heart smiles every time I see it.”

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