My relationship with Chris Brown is like that of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown: Rihanna

Rihanna has disclosed that her relationship with Chris reminds her of the
early romance days of Bobby and Whitney and that their song ‘Something In Common’ describes her feelings about Chris!
Rihanna told
friends that she feels she and Chris have that “magical” love that Whitney
and Bobby Brown shared during the early days of their
 According to
Hollywoodlife, “Their relationship is like the early Whitney and Bobby days…Rihanna
was watching Bobby and Whitney’s “Something In Common” video the other day and
said ‘This is just like Chris and me. For real though, that’s the type of fun
we having right now…”

further said “She loves that old Whitney jam and knows that she and Chris have
so much in common that just bonds them. They get each other just like Bobby and
Whitney. You could see it’s like real love with she and Chris – like ain’t no
bullshi**ng. The s**t is magical and it’s real.”
Meanwhile, Chris,
23, made a bold claim on Instagram, suggesting that the music we listen to
today would be completely different without the existence of Rihanna and him.
“What would
music today sound like if [Rihanna and I] didn’t exist?” Chris asked his
followers on Instagram on Dec. 2.
Chris’ fans didn’t necessarily agree that he and Rihanna are responsible for
today’s great music.
One fan
said, “It would sound like real r&b.” Another added, “Wayyyyyyyy
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