The triplets of Cynthia Onoriode, Face Of Bayelsa 2012 are a year old today

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On the 1st of July, 2015, former 1st runner up Miss Bayelsa 2013 and
Face of Bayelsa 2012, Cynthia Onoriode gave birth to a set of adorable triplets, Ifeoma, Ifeanyi and  Ifelunwa (HERE)!

To mark their first birthday, the happy mum of three took to her instagram page early this morning to reflect on when she was pregnant of the triplets.

According to her, the Doctor saw two babies at first when she had her scan but God did it. Read her miraculous story below:
I remember when the Dr Mark did a scan on me, he said I don’t understand what I’m seeing don’t know if they 3 or 2, he wrote twin babies in his report, I left, Then Dr Martin called me on the phone to come back so he could redo the scan, I came back, he checked and said they are three not two, looked at him and said who? I laughed and cried at the same time, then i became a piriority to every hospital i entered, my pregnancy was smooth till June 30th at 11pm I started crying, my back was hurting, my legs were swollen, my whole body was aching me, I ran to the hospital, they checked my BP it was 130/110 from 100/80 I didn’t understand any of that, they said let’s run urinalysis I just wanted to feel better cos I was not close to delivery at all, the result came out me I didn’t understand I ignored I want back home after some injections cos I didn’t want to stay in the hospital, July 1st 2am, I ran back to the hospital again, this time the BP was higher than the previous result, I was crying at the same the pain had reduced a bit, but I wasn’t myself, fast foward to July 1st 8am they ran more test for me, I had malaria, they set the drip and did what they had to do, this time my BP was 160 the doctors were like we have to bring out your babies, so we don’t loose them and loose you, I said doctor I still have months to go na, he advice me it was the best option, I agreed and we went into the theatre room which turned into my favour room, when baby1(Alison 2.3kg) came out and heard her cry I felt something I have never felt before, Baby2 (Audrey 2.2kg) same thing and I heard Baby3 (Alexis 2.1) cry, they were so tiny, my joy increased my heart was filled with happiness, When I carried them, I felt complete, and passed out didn’t see my babies till the next day, they were in the incubator, phototheraphy cos of jaundice, they were under so many things, I tried to breastfeed and they were ignoring my breast, I still was not better cos my BP wasn’t coming down, my mum prayed and prayed, I received blood, they were scared of me going into coma, I kept on fighting for my life and I came out strong, my life is a living testimony that God does miracle

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