Must Read: Why He’s Scared to Propose

So you’ve been having this ‘heaven-on-earth’ relationship going on
with this guy for a long while now but despite the strong bond you’ve
got going on, he doesn’t seem to be interested in mentioning the “M”
-Isaac Oladipupo
In a contemporary society such as ours, the male may see no need to
make a permanent commitment.  As far as they are
concerned, there’s still enough time, and who knows? Someday they may
find that ‘perfect soul mate’ and settle down, but in the meantime, they
seem to be enjoying themselves. The reluctant partner may not want to
reveal his reasons for refusing to commit. As a matter of fact, he may
not be aware of them himself, but chances are they’ll fall into one or
more of the following categories:
He doesn’t want to lose his freedom
It’s been proven over and over, that females mature earlier than males.
Ladies are ready to settle down and raise a family while guys of the
same age are hoping to explore or achieve more out of life and
sometimes, it may be wise to leave and let him get on with it. If he
doesn’t do it before marriage, he’ll do it during and that can lead to
tragedy for everyone concerned.
He’s afraid to take responsibility
When a guy seems reluctant, it could also be that he’s just not ready
for a wife, kids, house, and all the sacrifices that come with that kind
of life. For instance, if he’s had a bad experience with a former
relationship, he’s probably not anxious to experience the pain again.
While some people eventually overcome such circumstances, others just
never find it easy to let go.

He’s too selfish
Yes of course, there are some men in this category. He probably wants to
travel, to have an expensive car and to do whatever he wants, whenever
it suits him, without being answerable to anyone. This way, his partner
is expected to wait on him hand and foot, with the hope that it will
lead to a ring. However, it is unlikely this sort of guy will ever
He has other responsibilities
Possibly, he may be looking after some sick, elderly parents or have
huge child support payments to make. He may be putting younger siblings
through school and feel that he can’t handle any more expenses at this
There is a serious difference between religion or culture
More often than not, members of two branches of the same Church
denomination can unite pretty easily, but two more contrasting groups,
such as a Catholic and a Muslim, or an atheist and an Evangelical
Christian may be a recipe for trouble and he is smart enough to see it.
He’s afraid to disclose his real or perceived disability
He could be illiterate, sterile or carry the inherited gene for a very
dangerous illness. Also, he may have a close relative with a severe
physical or mental illness, for whom he’ll be fully responsible at some
future time. There may be some personal or family secret which he feels
is too horrible to share.
Courtesy of Geneveive Magazine…
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