Much Ado about Billionaire Femi Otedola’s ‘cheap’ mobile phones

Femi Otedola (1)

phones of billionaire businessman Femi Otedola, whose father (Sir Michael
Agbolade Otedola) was honoured with a fabulous funeral weekends ago, have been
the objects of attention. 

According to Encomium, those familiar
with mobile phones claim the mogul, who’s President of Forte Oil, enjoys
inexpensive phones, with one of them costing less than N5,000!

One of the phones Nokia 6230 can be bought for about N5,000! And the
other, Nokia e50, as shown in the pictures, retails for about N7,000.

 The cost of the phones of the money man who’s one of Nigeria’s richest is titillating many observers.

Many applaud the choice of inexpensive phones, saluting the 49 year-old Lagos-born magnate as prudent and simple.
But some are saying that the billionaire could do better by using
modern and expensive phones since he can easily afford it.  Aficionados
believe Otedola could well afford a Vertu (which cost over N1 million)!
However, since the pictures don’t actually show the ‘face’ of the phone, they might be ‘coded’ (and very expensive).

Otedola, a stylish man who adorns only white buba and sokoto brocade to official and social functions in Nigeria, has a magnificent house in Ikoyi (Lagos) valued at billions of Naira.

His Knightsbridge flat, London (the United Kingdom), is a statement in opulence.

Lover of Mercedes Benz vehicles, he also parades a luxury yacht anchored in front of Zenon Place, Walter Carrington, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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