Mr. Randy of Jenifa’s Diary, Jerry Smart, talks how he got the role and how much he was paid

In this exclusive interview with KFB, Jerry Smart Ordu aka Rakon and Mr. Randy of Jenifa’s diary revealed a lot about himself, how he got the role in Jenifa’s diary, his favorite actress, role model and how he got into acting in 1998!

The Multi-talented, Imo born guy, talked about where he sees himself in 5 years, his personality in real life and why he got into acting!
Enjoy below…

About him:

My name is Jerry Smart Ordu a.k.a Rakon I’m  Nigerian Nollywood Actor, A
Rap artiste, Song Writer, Poet, Event Planner and a Stunt Director.I
hails from Mbaitoli L.G.A in Imo State.but I was born and raised in
Lagos State.. I hold a B.SC
in International Relations from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife
and a Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Abuja…

Growing up:

Growing up for me was absolutely amazing or should I say
interesting..why because I grew up in the midst of adults trying to
dominate and making sure my voice is always heard, especially among my
auntie and my uncle, they have always treated me special because they
believe I have a special gift,  I knew I have always had it in me but I
was yet to discover what it was I had inside of me..,I just know that I
love singing and making people take note of me, I must confess I talked a
lot while I was growing up  and I was considered the actor of the house
as I always mimic people, and then went on to join the choir in my
Church back then and Drama club in school where I get applauded after
every performance and it was obvious this is where I wanted to be..

Why acting?:

Why acting?  When asked why I choose to become an actor  ‘I always
freeze when people ask why I choose to be an actor not because I don’t
have an answer but because I am afraid it will sound too generic…cause
basically all my life revolves around acting

How he got the Randy role in Jenifa’s Diary:

A friend actually invited me for the audition and when I got there I was
initially discouraged, why? because the crowd was much but when I saw
one or two faces that I know I sort of like gained confidence..and
couple with the fact that I have worked with the Director Tunde Olaoye
on different projects, so I just waited till it was my turn to be
audition and when I got in they asked me what else I can do aside acting
and I said I can rap and JJC said really? I said yes and he said okay
do a rap for me and did few bars and he said okay. cool okay you guys
read so me and my group read in front of Funke Akindele, Tunde Olaoye
and JJC..and after we read they said we’ll get back to you, and I got a
call back and the rest they say is history.

How much he was paid:

I’m sorry I don’t discuss my fee, it’s very unprofessional, so I keep it to myself..

Other movies/series he starred in:

The first screen job I featured in was in 1998 in a movie title Beauty
for Ashes produced by Franca Brown and directed by Leo Onwordi and in
1999 he starred in Jeta Amata’s movie  ‘Dead Luck’. I then went back to
school and returned fully to the industry after my graduation and I have
since then featured in several Movies, Sitcom and TV Series like;
Jenifa’s Diary, The Benjamin’s, War Front, Tales of Eve, Cash Money,
Tinsel, African Heroes, Super Story, Face 2 Face, Crack in the Wall,
Family Ties, Needle’s Eyes, This Life, Water Falls, Personally Student,
Papa Ajasco, just to mention but a few..

Day Job:

Aside from acting I do event planning, M.C in an events and occasion..I
also do a lot of song writing and less I forget I’m also a gym

If he was like “Randy” in real life?

Hahahahaa..that’s quite funny, I am not Randy in real life, just that I
was able to execute and interpret my character so well..on Jenifa’s

Favorite Actress:

without missing words my favorite Actress of all time will be Funke
Akindele Bello..she’s a very dynamic, flexible and versatile actress..

Role Model:

My role model will be Ramsey Noah..he inspires me a lot..matter of fact he is the reason I got in to acting in the first place..

Projects at hand:

Yes presently I’m working on a project, a seasonal series a Songito
Gabriel Production, “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT” watch out for this block

In 5 years:

in 5years
I should have graduated from been just an actor to having my production
house and producing my own movies, also have my own record label
signing up coming artiste, and onlt time will tell..

Final words:

My final words goes out to the up coming ones especially for those that
have a dream, stay focus, believe in your self and believe in your determined and don’t give up can achieve whatever you
set out to..

NOTE : Jerry a.k.a Rakon also called ‘Mr Lover-Boy’ for his numerous
roles in romantic films believes he stands out as an actor not because
of his looks or skin complexion but because he has a purpose which
gives him a deeper understanding why he is in show business, his
commitment to moments to moments, he reacts naturally and
spontaneously, he believes in himself, he takes his work seriously, he
is disciplined and he knows himself, he is positive, proactive and
creative, his easiness to access his emotions and most of all his
charisma and intuitive understanding of a role that he says makes him
stand out every time.
Awards: Best Actor at the Promising Future Awards (PFA) 2012 for his
performance in the movie Sweet Killer and Best Rapper 2012 in a free
style battle of Emcee’s by Sean Event Plan House (S.E.P.H
Languages Spoken: English, Yoruba and Igbo

Skills: Boxing, Martial Arts, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Cycling,
Basketball and Tennis
Bragging Rights: ‘I could rap to make a living’
You can reach him on Facebook via:
Follow on Twitter: @iamjerrysmart
Instagram: @jerrysmartordu

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