Movie Review: Merlin Series 5 finale!!!

I’m sorry this week’s movie review came in a bit late…it was supposed to be published yesterday (Thursdays) but somethings came up.
Well, there’s this British series that I have been watching for a while now titled Merlin. It has 5 seasons…the series finale was aired 3days ago and I have decided to review that.
Merlin basically revolves around an ancient kingdom (Camelot) whose destiny rests on the shoulders of a young man/sorcerer called Merlin.
It is centered on Love, hatred, jealousy, magic/sorcery, war and faith!
So, let’s take a look at the last ever episode of Merlin.
You see, I lamented that there wasn’t more time for Arthur to react to the reveal (when Merlin finally told Arthur that he had magic), and, perhaps most importantly, I assumed that there was no way the series would kill Arthur, the main character in the movie! (I actually cried when Arthur died…sad).
I wasn’t expecting forty-five minutes of heartache…I was glad that Morgana (greatest enemy of Camelot) finally died but that was after she almost destroyed everything!
After Merlin blew the bad guys to kingdom come, Mordred swept in and mortally wounded Arthur. Then Arthur slays Mordred and bam, just like that the episode turns from ‘how will Merlin stop Mordred?’ to ‘how will Merlin save Arthur?’
Mordred being cut through was horrifically brutal. If I was ever to pick my favourite scene from Merlin, it may very well be this one. Not a single word was uttered, yet the characters’ facial expressions told us everything we needed to know and more.
If I was to have any criticism of this episode, it would be that Merlin and Arthur traipsing around the forest went on a bit too long.
I loved the gist of their scenes and there were some great lines, but it got a tad cloying after a while.
It would also have been nice to see Arthur accept Merlin’s magic (and his lying — I liked how much that was addressed) without the threat of his imminent demise.
I wonder what would have happened if Merlin had revealed his magic while Arthur was hale and hearty? We’ll never know, dear reader.
I think if anything about this episode has the potential to divide fans, it’s Gwen. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her in this episode but I do think that it’s a shame she wasn’t pregnant (or at least mentioned as being pregnant) so that there was hope for a little Pendragon on the throne at some point in the future. I’m not saying that Gwen wasn’t good queen material, but any kids she may have had to succeed her probably wouldn’t have been Arthur’s.

But then again, who cares? Because the ending was fantastic and yay, Arthur Pendragon will rule again but the question of ‘how?’ still lingers.


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