Movie producer Toyosi Phillips and actor Etim Effiong get engaged! (Photos)

Nollywood actor Etim Effiong and producer Toyosi Phillips are engaged! The excited bride-to-be took to Instagram to announce that they’ve
been engaged for over a month, as she also thanked gushed about her
crush who will soon be her husband.

“Only God can make your crush become your husband!! Over a month
ago, #IsaidYES to becoming Mrs Etim Effiong!!!! I’ve already given all
the praise and glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and now I’d just
like to specially thank all the amazing Nigerian #foodbloggers who have
made preparing #Calabar dishes a semi walk in the park for this Yoruba
girl ??? ? God bless you!! #IMGETTINGMARRIED#WONTHEDOIT??” she wrote


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