Motivational Speaker reveals how an encounter with a marijuana smoker helped solved his problem

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Life can teach us valuable things through any medium. Most times
treasures are hidden in places that human minds can fathom but refuses
to look at because they may seem too normal to accommodate such
treasures. Sometime ago while coming out from a shopping mall where I
had gone to get some groceries, my attention was caught by a very
beautiful car that was obstructing the free flow of traffic. Other
motorists at the back of this beautiful car started honing but it seemed
that their honing were falling on deaf ears. We were very sure that
someone was in the car because we could see the figure of a human at the
driver’s seat but there was no response from the person.
In order to help I walked to the driver’s seat of the car and as I
was about to pour out my anger on the driver, I discovered that the
driver was a lady and she rested her head on the steering. As I looked
further to see if she was dead or alive, I noticed something very
strange. I noticed that her lips were muttering words that I couldn’t
understand and in her right hand was a rosary. Then it dawned on me that
the beautiful lady in the beautiful and expensive car was so lost in
prayer that she didn’t realize that she was obstructing the free flow of
Despite the fact that she was praying, she still needed to move her
car in order for other road users to drive out. So, I touched her and
informed her. As she lifted her head from the steering, tears flowed
from her eyes uncontrollably. Despite having what so many people are
killing themselves for, there was one thing she needed so badly “REST”. I
could understand what she was going through because at that point in my
life I too needed rest. I needed rest so badly that I could trade
anything just to have it.
That particular incident of the lady in the beautiful and expensive
car led me on a quest to search for the cure to my unrest. Despite
surfing the Internet and reading all sorts of articles and books I
discovered that I was getting farther away from the truth. At that point
in my life I discovered that the word rest always caught my attention.
There was a day I was walking around when I saw a church handbill with
the inscription “covenant day for all round rest” because of the word
rest that I saw, I went looking for the church. But after the service, I
didn’t get what I went there for so I kept on searching.
On a particular evening, I left the place of my abode and decided
to take a stroll. After strolling for a while I became tired and decided
to sit on a platform at a bus stop in Ikeja. As I sat there, a guy came
and sat on a stone beside me. From the way he sat and greeted me, I
could tell that he was a regular visitor at that spot to smoke his
Indian helm. After greeting me we got talking. Our conversation that day
made me to visit that spot everyday until I no longer saw him at our
usual spot. He taught me mysteries that I never learned from my 5years
in the University. After his teachings, I began to understand that most
of the things we are going through are meant to prepare us for the big
task ahead.
Life is a school and whether we will graduate is left to us. When a
man graduates from the school of life, even nature will have no other
choice than to favour him and his course. Graduates of the school of
life don’t run after material things, things run after them. You may not
understand now, but as time goes on you will.
Meeting with him helped solved my problem because I began to view
life from a different and easier angle. As a staunch Christian I could
have looked down on him and his insight into deep things, but I didn’t.
Everyone has something to teach, no matter who they are or what they
look like. I no longer live a life of anxiety, impatience and unrest. My
mind is now at rest which has in turn made my life easy and fun.
Succeed You Must!
Written by: Johnspeak Uwangue
(Motivational Speaker, Talent Manager and Coach)
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