A quick update on the OAU student that committed suicide

So here’s another update I just got on the Dipo Ige suicide story!
Dipo Ige left a note before he died.
“As I plan to end
my life, please bury my books with me. My reason for this action is best
known to me. Share my properties accordingly to…” the note reads.
My source has promised to send me a snapshot of the note and as soon as I get it, it would be uploaded. 
Furthermore, my source disclosed that Dipo Ige actually sent a message to his mum before he killed himself but due to network problem, the message did not get to her until
over an hour after it was sent.

“That day about 9pm, Ige sent a text message to his
mum. He told her to come to Ile-Ife immediately, adding that any delay
could mean that the mum would meet him dead.
When she eventually got the message
around 10pm, she immediately alerted his close friend, Bola Okiji, to
check on him. Unfortunately, Okiji was not in Ile-Ife, he was at Ilesha.
The mum sent another lady living close
to him to check him. The lady met Ige’s door locked. She peeped through
the key hole and saw Ige, who appeared lifeless. She screamed, broke the
door and raised the alarm, which attracted the neighbours.” my source dislosed.
May his soul rest in peace.

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