Message of the day from Reinhard Bonnke

Found this message on Evangelist Reinhard Boonke’s facebook page and decided to share with you all, I hope it touches you!

is how my parable begins. Let me call him John. John had a double story
house, five plus five rooms. One day there was a gentle knock on the
front door. When John opened it was the Lord Jesus. “Please come in”,
John pleaded, “I will give you the best room in my house – it is
upstairs. Well, Jesus is a gentleman and said “thank you”. 

The next morning someone hammered against the front door. When
John opened it who was there? The devil. “No” shouted John, “I don’t
want you here” But the devil said “I’m already in” – and a big fight
started. Satan poured filthy temptation on him, it was horrible. 

By the
evening John somehow got the victory and threw the devil out. Then he
said “wait a minute”. I gave Jesus the best room in the house, why
didn’t he come to my rescue?”

Jesus said to John “Look, you gave me one
of the ten rooms…” John was on his knees and said “I can see my mistake.
Sorry, Lord. Let’s make 50/50.” Jesus is a gentleman and accepted. The
next day was a repeat of the day before. Somehow the devil got in and
out and John was totally exhausted. 

“Why didn’t Jesus come to my rescue
today? I need to go and ask.” The Lord said “My son, why don’t you give
me all 10 rooms and then, instead of me staying with you, you stay with
me?” John broke down. He pulled the key of the front-door from his
pocket and handed it to Jesus. Now, he had given it all.
The next
morning, it was still dark, when someone was knocking at the front door
so hard that the whole building shook. John jumped frightened and shaken
out of bed crying “O, it’s the devil again”, when suddenly he heard
footsteps – but this time inside the house. Jesus was marching in
majesty and power towards the front door. He had the key. 

It now was His
duty to answer the door. John was wondering what would happen and stood
right behind Jesus when the Lord opened the door wide. Who was it? The
devil of course. But when the devil saw Jesus standing in the door he
bowed low, very low indeed, and said “Sorry Sir, I knocked on the wrong

Some have given 9 rooms to Jesus and on the door of room
number 10 they have written “Strictly Private”. It is there where they
have their secret sins and live their double life. But Jesus cannot be
cheated. C’mon. Let’s sing it together from the bottom of our hearts
“Unto Jesus I surrender, unto Him I freely give….I surrender ALL, unto
thee my God and Savior, I surrender all.” 

This is my foolproof recipe
for victory! Does it speak to you? Please let me know. God bless you.

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