Men in uniform boldly abduct lady walking with mum in Lagos

A four-man gang wearing the uniform usually used by officials of the anti-robbery
squad, stormed Oshodi under bridge on
Saturday around 2:30pm, snatching a young woman at gunpoint. 

The victim was walking along with her mother when
she was confronted by the men and whisked away in a Honda Pilot jeep.
When the mother tried to save her daughter, the men was
threatened  her with a gun.

PUNCH  reports the young woman struggled to avoid being abducted by
snatching handcuffs from one of the abductors and smashing it on his
The man, who was reported to be on a uniform with a scorpion logo at the back, corked his gun to disperse a crowd who wanted to help the woman.

At about
2.45pm, the victim’s mother was seen pacing up and down and shouting
“egba mi, omo mi!” (Please help me, my daughter).

One of the eyewitnesses, who craved anonymity, showed the picture he took while the car was zooming off, adding that the angry crowd hurled stones at it.

He said,

 “The men were four, but only one of them came out to abduct the lady.
She managed to grab the handcuffs from the man and hit him on the head.
He did not let her go.He dragged her to a pole and punched her several
times till she was helpless. As some of us wanted to rescue her, the man
brought out a gun and threatened to shoot anybody that came near him.
Even an Air Force official who approached the others in the vehicle was

Another eyewitness, who gave his name only as Johnson, said the gang might be cultists, adding that the woman might have stepped on their toes.

A man simply, identified as Ayo, however, said that the men were
kidnappers. He said they would have killed the woman on the spot if they
were cultists.

“I cannot say they are policemen because the man in
uniform has beard which is not allowed in armed forces. They must be
kidnappers. They would have shot her dead if they were cult members,” he


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