Men are scared of marriage just like women are, we need to pray for them- Destiny Amaka talks to Kemi Filani Blog on life as a single lady (Photos)

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She’s been on the scene for a number of years, radio personality cum actress Destiny Amaka, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry but yet to find true love.

In a recent chat with Kemi Filani, the Cool FM, big girl said, what she wants in her man and how devoted she is in prayers for her future husband and unborn children.
I am very single oh. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. I’m just trying to be as positive and optimistic as possible especially in these times. I’ve chosen to live in a world where all my dreams and fantasy’s come true and this is why i’m happy or glowing.
That’s why you may see me addressing my future hubby because in my mind he is already here and we are having a blast. Who ever he is and wherever he is so life, I don’t know, but I believe life can only get better. I’m not looking for handsome. I’m more attracted to drive, hustle and sensitivity.”
‎Amaka, is so filled with faith that she prays twice every day for her ‘dear future husband’ and unborn children.
“I pray for my husband every day sometimes twice a day, I lay hands on my womb and pray for my unborn. He is out there and I speak to him as though he is already in my life. We need to pray more now as single ladies because the men out there are struggling.
I’ve found that the men are just as scared as the women are. We need to pray for our men. They have the responsibility to find us and care for us but they out there scared and confused

Speaking on her projects and career, the radio big girl stated that 2016 has been so wonderful to her, but her expectations are high for 2017.
‎”Each new day I get close and closer to my goals. My fans would see a lot more from me on the screens. Producing, and also behind the screens creating and developing content for TV. I want to build a brand that inspires and entertainment that will distract you from ur present situation. Big year ahead im excited not because its easy or I have all I need or want but because I know God never gives a dream without provision.”

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