Meet the Native Doctor that grinds human heads to make concoction for ladies in search of husbands

The joy of every woman is to settle with her ideal man and make a
happy family, but when the reverse becomes the case, some will go the
extra mile to get the man of her dream.

This vividly captures the
shocking revelation by a native doctor and suspected ritual killer who
was recently arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the
Lagos State Police Command.
According to the suspect, he grinds
human heads into powder as charm for ladies who are looking for choice
husbands and big contracts.

native doctor who gave his name as Olasunkanmi Owolabi, is a
43-year-old native of Oyo town. He also disclosed that the human
concoction could be used to cure stubborn sores, mental illness, sickle
cell anaemia and epilepsy.
Arrested with Owolabi were his two
cohorts, Clement Omodijie and Usman Saliu a.k.a. Alfa. Omodijie, a
54-year-old indigene of Ekpoma, Edo State, says he is married with three
childre and a grave digger at Gbogbo Cemetery, Ikorodu, Lagos on a
monthly salary of N22,000. He said he had worked at the cemetery for
five years before he was arrested by SARS operatives.
In his
shocking confession, Owolabi said, “I am an Alfa and a native doctor.
But I am not yet registered. I finished my Arabic studies in Kwara State
about 13 years ago and relocated to Ikorodu to work as a native doctor.
I have the ambition of building a native hospital if the government
gives me an approval.
“I started by praying for sick people. Last
year, I met this cemetery worker (Omodijie) and told him about the
products (human parts) they were wasting. I learnt about using human
skull to do powerful charms and medicine after travelling to Kano,
Kaduna and other parts of the north.
Kano, I met a Yoruba native doctor who told me that if i mixed ground
human bones with soap and some herbs, it would bring luck for my clients
or patients.
He explained that it could also cure chronic and
stubborn sores and help pregnant women to deliver without complications
or operation.
Owolabi said, “It can also cure madness and other terrible diseases that defy orthodox solution.
who are looking for husbands can also mix the ground bones with their
powder. When they see a man they like, especially if they want a
husband, they would rob the powder and talk to the man and the man will
fall for them. it can also bring good luck and help job seekers to
secure employment.
It can make somebody to become rich. It can
cure epilepsy. A woman can also bath with it and men will be begging her
to marry them. I sell a tablet of the soap for N2, 000. It depends on
the pocket of the buyer. Some buy it for N1000. I sell it around Ikorodu
and Ajah in lagos.
On how he met Omodejie, Owolabi said, “I knew
the grave digger to be a worker in Gbogbo cemetery at Ikorodu. When he
wanted to throw away some (human) parts, I told him that I needed them. I
normally give him N4,000 per skull.”
On his part, Omodijie said,
“I was content with being a grave digger before I met Owolabi in a
restaurant in front of the cemetery in Gbogbo area of Ikorodu. Since I
met Owolabi, my life has not been the same again. I have moved from one
problem into another.
I was enjoying my N15, 000 monthly salary as
a grave digger before I met him and he lured me into supplying human
heads to him at N4, 000 each. The naked truth is that there is nothing
reasonable I have done with the N4,000 per human head that he has been
paying me. I used it to drink gin or smoke cigarettes with it. It is the
devil’s money. I hardly fall sick since I was born. But after selling
human heads to him, my health has been deteriorating.
Since abandoning his block-mounding job for the illicit business, life has become unbearable for the young man.
him, “I buy drugs as if it is food, making me to spend more money than
before. “I was moulding blocks before I secured a job in the cemetery as
a gravedigger. We were paid on a daily basis. We used wooden or machine
moulder. But whichever moulder we used, we charged the owner N500 per
bag of cement, which can give one about 40 blocks. If we did three bags,
we collected N1, 500.
When I got a job in the cemetery, I was happy because it is not as hard as moulding blocks.
salary was small but I was enjoying it. The grave was shallow or deep,
depending on the owner of the corpse and the way he or she wants it to
be buried.
On how his trouble started, Omodijie said, “My trouble
started a day I went to buy food opposite the cemetery. That was where I
met Owolabi and he said there was something he had wanted to tell me.
He asked whether I was a worker in the cemetery and I said yes. He said I
should give him a human head and I asked him what he meant. he said the
head of a corpse already buried.
We have cemetery rules, which
forbid us from doing such a thing. I told him that I would not be able
to do that, and he left. But thereafter, each day I went to the
restaurant to buy food, he would accost me with the same request. I
insisted that I would not do it because I did not want to lose my job,
but he said it was better to sell human parts to him than allowing them
to waste. “I summoned courage to ask him what he wanted to do with human
heads and other parts. he said he was a native doctor and Alfa, and
that he wanted to use it to make medicine.
He said he would grind
it into powder and mix it with certain herbs for pregnant women to drink
in order to deliver their babies without complications or operation.
how he obtained the heads he sold to Owolabi, the embattled Omodijie
said, “The graves where I normally bring out the skulls from are
shallow, and coffins are not used for the corpses brought there because
of religion or financial status of the owners. It is cheaper to bury a
corpse in a shallow grave than to do so in a deep, cemented or marbled
one. Most burials done in shallow graves are temporary. That is why that
section of the cemetery is called the temporary site. After some
months, the corpses buried in shallow graves are excavated and burnt.
That was why Owolabi i should not allow the skulls to waste and that I
should sell them to him instead.
Four of us work in the cemetery,
but the other workers did not know that I was smuggling out human skulls
and other parts to sell to native doctors. it was only two heads I had
sold before detectives from SARS arrested me. There is no useful thing I
can say I did with the money.
Like a case of medicine after death, Omodijie is currently pleading for leniency, claiming that he was deceived by the devil.
words, “I was deceived by the devil. I am pleading for forgiveness
because I did not kill anyone to sell their heads. I sold the skulls of
corpses already buried and had decayed. I did not know that it would
land me in this trouble,” he pleaded.
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