Meet Kenny Saint Brown’s 12-year-old daughter

 Edwin Saint Brown is the 12-year-old first daughter of gospel singer turned politician ‘Kenny Saint Brown’. The child actress began her romance with the camera as a 3 year old girl making cameo appearances in music videos and now she’s just made her official debut as an actress by staring in a MNET sponsored movie titled ‘Life Begins’.

Narrating her experience on set of the yet to be released movie, she tells NET ‘well, I had fun, because they really treated me in a special way, they treated me like a star and I really enjoyed working with super stars like Yemi Black and Tana’.
When asked if she really wants to pursue a career in acting, she said ‘Yes, I intend to act in more movies, because when I grow up I want to be an actress, that’s the career I want to follow’.
 Edwina is a JSS 2 student of Chrisland High School, who currently combines schooling and acting, ‘My mum really supports me to act because she’s the one that goes to my school to help me get permission, she takes me to location and rehearsals too’ she said.
Edwina was selected for the role after rigorous screening from over 200 entries. She draws inspiration from actresses like Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan and Angelina Jolie.
Away from schooling and acting, Edwina is also a dancer, singer, painter and artiste who makes comic books for kids. 


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