Meet the Dogs that chewed a 4 year old boy’s scalp in Lagos (photo)

Lagos State Police Command has said only a court of law could decide
whether the two dogs (pictured above)which ate the skull of a four-year-old boy in
Igando area of Lagos State, Omonigho Abraham, be killed or not.

command, which paraded the two dogs at its headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos
State on Tuesday, added that the dogs had been examined and been found
to be disease-free.
The Commissioner of Police, Cornelius
Aderanti, said it was important to parade the dogs so that the public
would rest assured that the dogs were still in police custody, and had
not been released as being rumoured.
He said, “We have brought the
dogs out so that the public would know that they are still in police
custody. They have been examined and show no negative trait. It is only
the court that will decide what happens to them. The police cannot
decide to kill the dogs.”

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