Meet The Dog That Reduced Weight In A Rigorous Weight Loss Journey (Photos)

PHOTO: Strudel is tuckered out after her first training session in June, 2017.
Some humans never have the opportunity to reduce their weight because of lack of facilities. This is not the case of a dog who once heavily weighed but now has a considerable lower weight.
According to ABC, Strudel the dog once weighed a whopping 80 pounds, but now she’s working on her summer body.
The 7-year-old rescue pup was surrendered after her owner died, and now lives with a loving foster family, Kristen and Wynn Horton in Chesapeake, Virginia.
The golden retriever mix is down to 54 pounds after working out at Zoom Room, a dog training facility in Virginia Beach, since June.
PHOTO: Strudels foster dad, Wynn Horton, said shes like a whole new dog.
PHOTO: Strudel the dog weighed a whopping 80.5-pounds when she was first surrendered.
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