Man Rapes His 3-year-old Daughter In Jos (photos)

What is the world turning into.Some stories are very
pathetic.A man was arrested by the Nigerian police in Jos, Plateau
State, after he was caught raping his 3-yr old daughter.The terrible
sexual abuse happened while his wife was preparing food for the family
in the outside kitchen of their rural home.

According to
reports,the child’s mum returned to the room midway through cooking to
get more ingredients, only to be shocked that her husband was raping
their 3-year-old child. She shouted for help after which neighbours
intervened and removed the man from the premises.

It took the
intervention of the police to prevent mob from killing the man.He is
presently in police custody at Katako police station in Jos while the
victim is reportedly being taken care. A non-governmental organisation
called Voice of the Girl Child has reportedly taken up the case to
ensure that the rapist is charged and tried.

What a pervert!


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