Man allows woman drown just to save his phones from getting wet

This man, pictured above, watched a woman who jumped into a river drown simply because he had no one to give his phones before trying to rescue her.

What value do you place on material things like mobile phone and other gadgets? What value do you also place on human lives? Often times, people have been asked the random question “who would you save first if your wife, mother and child were drowning at the same time?”

A young man who faced a similar situation recently, surprised people with his choice. According to a picture saved from a Ugandan television station, the man whose name was not given, happened to have seen a woman drowning and left her to die for the simple reason that he didn’t see anyone to hold onto his phones so he could jump into the water.

According to the Twitter user, the woman fell into the river while trying to escape from the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), who were trying to stop her from hawking her handkerchiefs. The Twitter user captioned the photo: “This man watched a woman drown. He said he could swim & thought of jumping into the water to save her. But he had his phones in his pockets.”

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