Let’s tell you about the little drama that happened between J Martins, Alariwo, Wierd MC & Gbenga Adeyinka during Nomoreloss’ Wake Keep

J Martins and escorts

During the solemn wake keep service of the late Nigerian entertainer Nomoreloss which held last Thursday in Lagos, a little drama occurred between J Martins and team Weird MC, Alariwo and Gbenga Adeyinka.

Our Kemi Filani Blog reporter at the scene reports that it all started when J Martins  stormed the venue with two hefty- bodied guards. When he arrived, he matched straight to the front row, like the seat was reserved for him. Of course, peeps started to murmur…why all the paparazzi for a wake keep?

Anyways,  on sighting J Martins, rapper Weird Mc, walked close and told him she was coming back to say hello, and that she needed to pick something from her seat right next to comedian  Gbenga Adeyinka and entertainer Alaariwo.

Entertainer Alaariwo, who was apparently disgusted by the puffery of J Martin’s entrance beckoned to Weird Mc and said

 “Sola, Sola, I must not see you go near that guy”.

Comedian Gbenga Adeyinka also said the same thing and she had to oblige them saying ” I am not going anywhere o, I am just going back stage”

And that’s how J Martins was ignored till the end of the service.

Oh by the way Joyce Iyami, Nomoreloss’ manager, went on her two knees when she saw J Martins, as a sign of respect or..?

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