Latest Fashion Design on Ghana-must-go-bag

you live in Africa? better still Nigeria and you don’t know what Ghana Must go
bag is, you need to get one and see for yourself.

Ghana Must Go has been in the history books ever since. 1983 was when millions
of Ghanaians refugees had to leave Nigeria due to political pressures.

In the
rush to gather their belonging, they resorted to what is now commonly known as
‘Ghana Must Go’. While these events unfolds, it lead to a whole new revolution
in Nigerian luggage, which spread like wildfire. People started using it to
carry their almost everything they had even to the extend of travelling outside
the country to start their new lives where fit.

This Ghana
Must Go Bag is still very much in existence and  they are used to carry
many things. Even at  our airports today, you will still
see a section of Nigerians who are emptying out their Ghana Must Go because
they have exceeded the weight limit.
So go grab your own GHANA MUST GO NOW!!

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