Lagos state government honours chaplain who was sacked after fallout with ex-governor, Akinwunmi Ambode’s wife

Venerable Femi Taiwo, the chaplain of the chapel who sacked after a confrontation with the former First Lady of Lagos State, has been honoured by the state.

Femi Taiwo was sacked after he failed to accord due respect to Mrs Bolanle Ambode during her visit to the chapel. The former First Lady stormed out of the chapel after Femi Taiwo failed to carry out anointing on her before others.

Femi Taiwo has now been honoured by Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the new governor of the state, through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Culture.

In appreciation of the honour, Femi Taiwo wrote:

“I thank God for His faithfulness and the uncommon grace and rare privilege He has given to me. I thank the Lagos State Government and Mr. Governor, Aduramigba Iyanuoluwa Babajide Sanwo-Olu. I appreciate you and everyone. In the midst of the storm of life, you stood by me. The day I was to leave here, I saw angels coming down in the form of men. Spontaneously, I saw members of this church come around me and providing all a man could need to survive.

“What happened that day, nobody prepared for it; nobody thought of it. But God went ahead and made the crooked way straight. I thank and appreciate all of you and I pray that the glory of God will shine on your lives. Throughout the time I spent here, I had no regrets, because you were all around me. That is why I cannot forget this place; I cannot forget your beautiful faces”.

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