Lady who found love after NYSC shares amazing pre-wedding photos

Below are lovely pre-wedding photos of a couple and a narration shared by the lady about how they met after NYSC service.


When I met Nnamdi, I had just moved back to Nigeria and was taking the National Youth Service. My main priority was to get a job. A relationship was not a priority at the time. Our mothers are friends and worked together but Nnamdi and I never met before. His mum, on knowing that I was job hunting was kind enough to inform my mum that the company Nnamdi was working for at the time was hiring. She got me an interview with the company through Nnamdi’s help.

She also gave me his number to contact him when I got to his office. When I got to his office, I called him and then he came out to the reception to say hello. His face looked really familiar, then I remembered I had actually met him before. I met him during one of the general CDS days. I remember gisting with my friend and we were playing a game of “spot the fine boy”. I saw this tall dark fine guy and pointed to my friend.

We laughed and she agreed. I didn’t see him again until the interview day. So it turns out this tall fine boy is actually standing in front of me and it is the same guy that helped get me an interview. The interview went well and he asked for my number which I gave him. We pretty much started hanging out from then onward.

I remember within a week of knowing me. He said he loves me and would definitely be spending the rest of his life with me. I was cringing at the time because I thought he was going too fast but looking back now, it only meant he knew exactly what he wanted. Now we are on a journey to forever and I couldn’t be happier.

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