Lady reveals why she hardly watches Nigerian news stations

nigerian news stations

A Twitter user has revealed why she hardly watches Nigerian news stations. In a series of tweets, she complained about their partisanship which is evident in the way they keep certain news information from the public.

Read her tweets below.

Reason I hardly watched Nigeria News statn EFCC chairman held a press conference today. The part where Magu refused to answer questions wether he was investigating Ganduje Dollars was edited out by Is it not news worthy Thank God for SM..full video is online.

We can all see now there is a deliberate attempt by this Govt and to make us forget about this Ganduje Dollar scandal Also D Press especially TV stations have compromised That’s why we must keep making noise about this Ganduje scandal &not let them distract us.

Well I am not suprised magu is now partisan, Remember he was caught on live tv wearing Buhari Lapel Pin on his suit The government clearly shown they are not fighting corruption but opposition.

Thanks God I wasn’t the only one that noticed TVC doesn’t even hide their partisanship they are clearly APC Channels Tv is the annoying one they pretend to be neutral while they are actually far from it.

nigerian news stations

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