Ladies bash Jude Okoye on Instagram for being at Loggerheads with Lola Omotayo and cheating on new wife, Ify

The drama is still going on but an unperturbed Jude Okoye is not saying a word.
He took to instagram hours ago to share more photos from his wedding only to be called out in the comment section by some angry female fans.

He shared this photo above with the caption “Don’t remember what I was laughing abt heheh” 
He also shared two other lovely photos below with the caption “gwe ogbu azu 1 of ifite with Lolo” and then his female fans went crazy!

The first crazy fan was one Miss Stacy. She insinuated that
Ify being a former beauty queen must have slept with these rich men
before hooking up with Jude. Hence Jude has no right whatsoever to make
issues about Lola not being good enough for his younger brother Peter.

Another angry lady with the IG Truthella also bashed the couple, claiming Jude Okoye is cheating on Ify with her friend Loretta.
When some peeps trued to cuss out, she replied and revealed more!


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