KFB True Love Story! A young boy and a vibrant couple – Tomi and Seni

Happy Monday Guys :)…who’s excited as we are?!

We bring you Tomi and Seni (photographed by Ogheneworo Akara) as our couple of the week.
Read his beautiful narration and see fab. photos below:
“I have known Tomi for close to 5 years. Amiable, intelligent, always
smiling, Tomi is the epitome of who a lady should be. When I got to Ondo
Town for this wedding and met Tomi’s dad, I understood where the genes
came from……
“Daddy walks into the house and saw me and goes “what are these tall
people doing in my house? Am I safe? It set the tone for our

Calm as the word itself describes it, Tomi went about her wedding day
with a steely quietness, directing as the day went ahead, what the next
steps should be and when to begin it.

loved these accessories, but i loved the fact that Tomi didnt go with
the crowd. She wore these flats through out the day and enjoyed her
day. Her accessories for her wedding day were simple and fashionably so.

Everybody was cool, going about the business of getting ready quietly. 

at Seni’s, things went smoothly as well and as he went about getting
ready you could see why Tomi choose him. Quiet, resolved, focused
describes this. 

As preparations by everyone picked speed, 

The young boy entered the fray quietly…

Our beautiful bride was ready and calmly sat for her pictures

And The Young Man began his display. First he gazed at how beautifully Tomi had been transformed,

he went into deep thoughts, about his own day, and I am sure he
wondered who his photographer would be if i am not there…….:P

and the thought of what he would do when his time comes had him smiling so broadly….

and still our bride went about her duties in her quiet way,

Meet Tomi’s mum and Dad……….Calm, peaceful, playful, fun!

At a point Tomi couldn’t wait anymore as she kept glancing though the window looking into her day. 

Unable to bear the wait anymore, Tomi left for church to meet her groom.

In Church, Seni was all smiles, as he walked in to get married to his bride. He even had a banter with his brides father. 

The look of love and admiration. I love it when i see this look between couples. 

favorite part of my wedding coverage is the couples first dance. You
love the emotions that gush out  between two people who love themselves
during a couples first dance. 

Cough!!! Who shoots a wedding where the couple meets in a wedding a
photographer is shooting? #Justasking…..A moment that i couldn’t help
but capture. 

The playfulness in Tomi eventually came out. Remember how her father was being playful in the pictures above? 

As the after party kicked in, everyone went into a frenzy with the oldies the DJ was belting out! 

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That said, KFB wishes Tomi and Seni a fabulous and wonderful marital life.
Oh by the way, got a wedding you’ll like to feature on the KFB True love story series, you can contact us
via  [email protected]
Have a great week Kfbers and as
you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you’re one
of them – wonderful inside and out. You’re blessed. You’re special.
You’re loved…xoxo


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