KFB True Love Story! I stalked his heart…My heart found a new beat – Ayo weds Kenny

found me, I found home.

Aww, you want to know what true love is – ask our KFB couple of the week, Ayo Folagbade and Kenny Babalola! They met, fell in love, got engaged and married within a year…ain’t that awesome!

 You’re worth the wait, though the road was
long. With you the rest will come
This love of ours is unbreakable!

You see, the love birds (Ayo and Kenny) weren’t always good friends as a matter of fact if a soothsayer had foreseen at the beginning of this year that Ayo’ll be getting married to Kenny before the year end, she’ll have simply laughed over it and probably told him (the soothsayer) to get a life! 

My Lord Protector and Eminado

When it comes to love, Ayo belonged to the school of thought that maintained that it’s almost impossible to find true love, as a matter of fact she believed all men were the same but little did she know that a prince charming was gonna sweep off her feet and change that orientation!

My heart has found a new beat, ever since I met you.

Narrating how they met, the super excited bride said “…how I met my lord protector and Eminado is actually very funny.  I was walking behind him down a long, isolated street in Ikoyi…he probably thought the unsmiling chic behind him was a spy of some sort or an assassin”

Together we shall conquer all

He began to walk fast, Ayo walked faster still! He kept looking back and she didn’t stop starring at him when he did!
Then just when he was going to trip, Ayo turned into her office complex, laughing to herself.
“He came behind me and asked why I was stalking him….I not only stalked him, I stalked his heart” Aww! They had both been hit by cupid’s arrow.

And then they exchanged contacts.
They started out as cool friends, but not very good friends “a lot times he deleted me on bbm, on watsapp and my numbers, we quarreled almost the time”

My love for you is a journey. Starting at forever and ending at never.

One morning however, in May to be precise, Kenny wooed Ayo…oh yeah he did!
“he disclosed that he ‘actually’ wanted me to be his girlfriend, so he became a cool boyfriend, the best even and was fitting into my dream man”

My love for you is like getting a diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in. I love you a little bit more. Every day.

He turned out to be a great companion, he knew all about Ayo and loved her like his ‘all in all’.
“He is God fearing, very gentle, almost too gentle and the most caring man on this side of the equator” Ayo says.

You completely turn my world around…

What started out as liking soon developed into love. For Kenny, loving Ayo felt so true! 

There are three reasons why I love you:
1. …
2. …
3. …
Actually, there are no reasons. I just do.

 He is not embarrassed to laugh
with her when she makes a fool of herself.
He realized he could be himself with her and not worry about what she will think of him because she loved/loves him for who you was/is.
In her presence, there’s
no need for continuous conversation, because he’s quite content
in just having her nearby.

I Love thee, with a love that shall not die. Till the sun grows cold, and the stars grow old.

The love birds got engaged on Ayo’s birthday – the 17th of July, 2013
“It is a birthday I’l always cherish” Ayo says.

There are only two times I will love you. Now and Forever.

How the proposal went:
“On my birthday, he sent me a long text…”your head was exclusively designed for a crown, your body was consciously configured for a glorious garment…you are a special breed in human race….the manifestation of your unique make up starts today….dedicated to my queen, the would be mother of my beautiful kids, love you bundles.

Whoop, I’m engaged!

Ehen, so that one was sharking me, making my head to pop like pop corn…until it was almost closing time and he called me to come to Munchies in V.I.

“I told him I didn’t feel like hanging out because the queue for LagBus at TBS in the evenings are as long as the 3rd mainland bridge and who wants to end a sweet day like that standing on a queue for hours? But I went anyway and he joined me not too long after.

 You’re my pride, my joy, my

He kept on insisting I should take the ice cream, while I declined because I had cold. I gave in eventually and my spoon hit a meta;. Yea, it was a ring, then he went on his knees and everyone was clapping and wowing and cheering. I just covered my face”

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where

 You see, Ayo had always imagined such a proposal but she didn’t think it was ever going to happen to her…Ta-da! Kenny did it, proposed to her on one knee. He didn’t give the conventional speech, just two words “Be mine”.

So, they fixed a wedding date and began making preparations for the big day!

Ayo’s bridal shower
They got married on the 14th of December, in Kogi state. Their joy knew no bounds!
Ayo, Kenny and mum at their wedding introduction
Couple receiving prayers
Ayo and friends at her introduction

Beautiful bride Ayo on her wedding engagement
Our cake!
Kenny and kinsmen carrying out the “prostration” act
Whoop, we are officially one!
Court wedding photos
With this ring I thee wed
You dey make my heart go ‘kedike’
Bride Ayo and friends
Ayo and Kenny at their thanksgiving in church

Ayo dedicates this short poem to the love of her life…

 “My heart has found a new beat, ever since I met you. I don’t lose no
sleep, cause I’m not some side chic no more. I’m safe in your arms
forever baby. Mild sun, palms, sand, solitude.. I love my husband to
bits 🙂 My love, my sweetie, my husband, my heart beat and dearest friend
for the next 10000 lifetimes…”
KFB wishes Ayo and Kenny a fabulous and wonderful marital life!
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