#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! Our Dad’s death changed my mum’s life

Kemi, happy new year to you and the blog readers. I hope you can help publish this my testimony.
I bless the name of the Lord. HE delivered my mother from grievous attack. 
my daddy died, my mother was subjected to a harsh treatment.  She was
to be sleeping on a mat outside as the tradition of the people of …..
(A town in the South West of Nigeria)
On the third day after burial,she went to the toilet to ease herself and discovered her clothes full of blood.
She was rushed to the hospital. There she was told it was just some infection. 
That is how it started.She became a regular patient at different hospitals,with the blood flowing heavily.
the children, would just be watching her getting lean-the loss of her
husband coupled with the infection really ravaged her body.
We did not know whether it was mere infection or affliction from wherever. 
thing my mother did after all said and done and no solution near was to
go to God. She wept her heart out. We were afraid she would died also.
Today, she is made whole. God touched her. She is healed after months of harrowing experiences.
Praise the Lord

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