#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! “My son was going blind”

The last week story of a miracle by Internet spurred
me to want to give this testimony to the praise of the Almighty God.
HE alone is the King of kings and the Lord of Lords.
He is the only One
that can heal man of whatever ailments that are upon man.
My 9year old son just developed a problem in his two eyes. We noticed
that his hand writing was not legible. He was writing roughly. 
At first,
we were scolding him for this.
Thank God for teachers that are meticulous with their work. His class
teacher invited me over and complained about the challenges our son was
facing in his class work. Little did we know he was going blind. 

could not read what was written on the chalkboard and even his books. We
took him to hospital and was put on treatment. But it seemed the
condition was getting more serious.
Because God had us in His agenda, with His promise never to leave nor
forsake us, HE made it possible for us to watch the TV program we didn’t
always watch.
We were searching for a channel running any interesting program.
Behold, we came upon this station where the Holy Ghost service was being
held.l want to believe that the power of God held us down to watch the
whole program till the end.
When it was said that anointing oil should be lifted for prayer, l was
fortunate to have a bottle at home l went for it and placed it before
the TV. 
After the prayers, l went to the room where the boy was already asleep
and anointed his eyes.
I went to sleep to be woken up by this boy calling us, his daddy and l,
to come.
What !
He had a book on his lap which he read out.
He, with much excitement,
narrated how he felt.
He told us he experienced having a new pair of eyes immediately he woke
up and he wanted to test the eyes by reading a book.
He saw he could do
this without the aid of his glasses.
I rejoiced and praised God for this was great. The boy is
doing well at school as the yoke in his progress was removed. The Lord
God is good.
Only God could have done this for us!


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