#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! A man older than my father was toasting me

Hi Kemi, I often look forward to this column on Sundays and I am glad i finally have a testimony to share too. I am now in my final year at
the University.  During the second semester of our 400Level we had to go
for a six month Industrial Attachments. It was meant to start in July
2014 and end by December.

I submitted the IT forms to various organizations, sat for their entry
exams, had good results in some of them but to be told there was no
vacancy for me.
 I learned the condition of the land in a hard
way.To find a place to do IT was like a case of a camel passing through
the eye of a needle. 
am a Food Technology student. Apart from satisfying the requirements of
the University, l needed to work on things l had learnt so far, gaining
practical experience-a knowledge that could make me stand on my own.
Nigeria, my beloved country, we are made to learn and talk about !
our fellowships in school, we had been told that we should look to God
and God alone in our search for placement on occasion like IT.
were told except God help us, the situation is so that our parents may
not be able to help us except they are super rich and super powerful .
I came out and for three months l could not get
anywhere. I walked the streets of Lagos and Sango Ota in Ogun state but
met with frustrations. 
I even got to a place where l felt my
services would be needed and l would also gain extensively in experience
only to find the Company lawyer, a man that is older than my father,
toasting me. He dangled before me the ‘old carrot’ , as a condition of
getting a place there.
Here, l say Thank You Lord for not allowing the frustration to take a toll on me as to give in to a cheap blackmail. 
truly, the waiting helped me in a way. When all else failed and on the
fourth month, l looked away from man helping me and cried to God. I was
now desperate for God to show me HIS power.
And HE did. He put a place in my heart which l never knew my course could be relevant to.
put a call to a classmate if she knew anyone with our course ever
working there. This was affirmed that a student who is our senior did
his IT there. I said thank You Lord for directing my step.
went and dropped an application letter with the form.l was invited for a
written exam and l believed l passed because that same instance. l was
given some forms for medical tests in their hospital. 
That same day l went for the test.
Glory be to God. He alone can make all things possible. 
Even at that stage, the enemy played his pranks. Obstacles were also placed on my getting through. 
Between the hospital and the management, there were issues l did not understand and could never.
repeated calls to the place, l was told by the official in charge that
my test reports were not yet  sent.l went to the hospital to ask them
only to be told that it had been sent within 72hours of their testing
A true battle ! Nobody could come in for me now except the Lord.
be to the Lord, Who knows all things and can do all things. He
perfected what HE started. He showed me the battles in life are real and
fierce, who can survive it?
He made it for me.
can confidently say the place is right for me. What had been packaged
into the two and a half month stay was greater than what l could have
learnt in a year in another place.
Many things about food processing both for local and international consumptions l had gained.
It has been the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes (for me and my people )
We saw God at work. Hallelujah.
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