#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! ‘I got into trouble for helping a Lady’

Kemi Filani I write to you today and all your blog readers to tell of how loving God is.
EXPERIENCE MADE ME TO KNOW THE LOVE OF GOD. I am a young man who owns and rides a motorcycle on a commercial basis.
A fortnight ago, on a Wednesday, l worked late and was going home around
10.30pm, when a lady stopped me. She asked me to carry her to an
address which l declined. Hence, she pleaded with me to the point of
almost breaking my heart.
I yielded.

Not quite long after we took off, another motorcycle was seen coming
behind us on a high speed.
At first, l intensified my speed so that the rider would not meet us.  

 However, the lady l carried advised me not to compete recklessly with them;
that l should reduce the speed and allow them pass, then we would be
going normally on our way.
I agreed to what she said. I drastically reduced my speed for them to
That was a costly mistake!
They came up beside me, one holding a gun pointed at me commanding me to
park or he shoot. I was saying, ‘No’. 

Just then the lady at my back, the ‘supposed’ passenger of mine
‘counseled’ me to do their bidding, that my life was better saved than
the bike. I thought of this in a moment and got down..then it dawned on me that she was one of those attackers. 

As l got
down, they [with the lady passenger] jumped on my bike and rode off
along with their own bike.
I trekked home that night. I went the following day to report at the
Police station and had nothing to do till Sunday. 

I went to church, no
more excuse of working before the service begins as l normally do.
After the service, few people who knew me asked about the bike and l
narrated the story to them.
My Pastor’s wife in her compassion for me held my hand and prayed for
me. I am saying this because l believed that the prayer would make God
get me a new one. Few brethren too, muttered a few words of prayer, l
went home. 

Oh by the way, the snatching of the bike happened in Sango, Ota.

 In the evening of that
Sunday [the fourth day after], my friend called me from lfo, the next
town to Sango, asking me where l was.
I told him l was at home. ‘Where exactly?’ I replied, ‘At home in

He said l was lying that l was not at home but rather l was at a
hotel in front of his house.’What are you doing there?’ I swore to him l
was really in my house.
He then declared, ‘But your ‘okada’ is parked right here before my
I was not sure whether to jump up and rejoice. I told him to tell me the
number on the bike’s plate. He did. Ha! Mine indeed. 

I was advised to come over with the documents. Thanks be to God, the
person who took the bike there, could not leave there before l got there
with a relation.
We , now with my friend, went to meet the management of the hotel. Every
attempt made to make the ‘owner’ of the motorcycle parked outside to
come and see them or to go and park well failed. Nobody came out to
claim its ownership. That was how God in His infinite mercy restored my
bike to me. Glory be to HIM.

 God is a God of pleasant surprise. He did it for me.
Here l am rejoicing today in His kindness and in His glory.
My joy knows no ending. God did it.
Jesus showed HE loves me ! Kfbers praise the lord with me today.

us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have got a
great testimony you’d like to share, kindly send it in to
[email protected] 


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