#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I am a muslim but Jesus healed me

Hi Kemi, thanks for this platform you have given believers to share and encourage each other.

testimony may sound like that from an outsider but God met with me
and delivered me.

l am a Muslim but had lived with a Christian Reverend
when I was in secondary school. After that period, l went back home to
my parents and had stuck to the faith of my parents. 

But l have to give this testimony to show that the Lord is merciful
to me despite my stand in faith. That is why l could not disregard any
Christian, even if he comes to preach.
I am in my fifties.
Some 10years back, l suffered partial stroke. It
was great pain for me to walk even a short distance.

After series of medication, my wife, [l married her a Christian]
suggested we go for the Holy Ghost Service of the RCCG for the hand of
What did l get to lose for going there. 

Where we found a place to park when we got there was far from the place
of service. It was hell for me to carry my legs-heavy and strenuous. The
distance took me a lot of time.
Thank God, l finally made it inside, sat down throughout, though in my
mind, l was asking the God the people there were worshiping, who l had
known some years past, when l was living with a Catholic Reverend, to
hear me and make me live well again. 

Nothing seemed to happen to me in
the course of the service as others would have had instantaneous
Yes, we closed around 2am, l told them to let us start going to where we
parked our vehicle, this time for me to slowly walk the distance. 

got there, feeling less pain than l had come with. I said to myself,
‘Perhaps God is only going to remove slight pain from my problem’. To
the glory of God, Who is able to do all things, Who is merciful to
anyone that comes to Him, Who is kind and Who will remain God forever. 

 As we got home, parked d car and for me to come out, and was about to
drag one leg after the other out; there l noticed l could carry each leg
with ease.
I felt a kind of relief that a prisoner experiences when he comes out
of the dungeon. 

Within minutes, l forgot the ailment of 6months. My
people, it’s good and thrilling to be freed ! Thank God the period was
like a dream. If you see me now, you may never imagine that l had ever
been struck with….
If not God, the worse could have happened. 

Kemi, l tell you this because you said something about the Church that
spurred me to share this with you and you are free to tell everyone.

us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have got a
great testimony you’d like to share, kindly send it in to
[email protected]

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