#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! “I became paralyzed after killing ‘the’ Frog”

be praised. HE is the same,yesterday,today and tomorrow. HE did wonders
in the lives of HIS children then,delivering them from the hands of
their enemies. I am happy and privileged to be alive to share this

Last year, I
went to my freezer to take something. On opening it, l saw a live frog
in it. The freezer was very cold, everything in it was frozen.  At that
moment,l did not take it as something serious, seeing a live animal in a
dead cold condition.

Anyway, l caught it and killed it. I told my husband what l
saw and did, he was greatly surprised.
However, some days later, the battle for life started. From varying degree
of health issues which l had thought were just normal became daily occurrence.

I started getting lean to d extent that l became very
dry. My bones came out.l was turned into a very old woman who could no
longer go out. For five months the battle ragged.   

Kemi, it was a serious battle.

After a time, when it
dawned on us that it was a hot battle we could not win by any other way, l
decided they take me to the church before a Man of God. I believed if
GOD was not able to deliver me, no one could. 

The Man of God prayed for me. If l had not believed
in the power of God through him, l would have gone back to fight a battle
l could not win. Thank God the man prayed for me. This is because
immediately l was prayed upon, the enemy became very furious. He did not
want me released.l almost gave in, but l thank God Who alone sustained me
in faith. 

Like the story of the lsraelites in the hand of Pharaoh was
my case. I entered their territory without knowing, now to get out was a
battle. But glory and honour be to the GOD of the living,who cleared me
from the grip of the enemy, set me free and l am free indeed. 

Now l am
on my feet. My flesh restored.l glow in the power of God.l no longer put
to heart the five months of gory and hell- ious experience. 

Only GOD set
me free with a mighty hand. Only HE could have done it.

Praise be to HIM.

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