#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! How God gave us our house back :)

Kemi, how are you? I hope you publish this testimony for me, it’s behalf of my family.
Thank You Lord. You are a
great Deliverer. Your work is seen over all You have created. The Lord
gave us our house back. Little did we know we were dwelling in a house
set to erupt in a fire outbreak.
has been for a very long time. We moved into the house some years back.

A very good and experienced electrician did the electrical fittings of
the place to a level we were comfortable with then, i.e almost
 We heard he was involved in a fatal accident, so we could not call him for any other work in the house when we needed him.
The settlement in which the house was built was just springing up then.
 Power supply was very low. So we were running no-meter system.
the time we picked up financially, we wanted to fix the meter we had long before we finished the house and also to do the generator line
and the switch over.
Two different electricians came at different times to help us fix one thing or the other in the house. 
in the last two or three years now, we noticed constant upsurge in the
electricity supply to our house. We would look outside to see whether it
was a general thing, only to find out that it only affected our house. 
was a day l had to complain to our neighbours how some of the bulbs and
a couple of gadgets got blown up. They experienced nothing of such. 
called on another electrician who works with me in my place of work to
see to it. Believing that with such closeness he would give me the best
Truly, he
helped repaired the gadgets.l told him to help us check all things in
order to curtail or put a total end to the constant problem we were
He did one or two things with the wiring in the house and said we should change the cut out. 
We sure did. 
This was some months back. 
Last week Thursday around 3am, our neighborhood light was restored.l got up to pump water. Thank God l did. 
The light was normal the first one hour. Then it dropped greatly that you could not see with it. 
This happened immediately l switched off the pumping machine. 
I was praising God that He allowed us to get water before PHCN did what they are known for. 
Just then l noticed that there was light in the other houses around us.
I therefore changed to other lines. But each of them was too full to be
left on. I checked the outdoor lights of our neighbors, it was normal. 
And it was the same phase we all are using in the community. 
come two of our own lines were ‘over run’ and the third had no supply?
That was the beginning of what could have been a problem. 
Thank God only the bulbs outside – l mean the security lights that were
getting blown.l mean real blown up, being forcefully detached from the
lamp holder to the ground. We saw these in the morning. I went to remove
the cut out, because that was what I could think of doing at that
 When it was removed, the lights were still on. 
minutes, the wiring of the house started demonstrating.  The switches
started working abnormally. One wall switch was then controlling the
lights in the house. 
This was around 5 am. What could we do?  Let me tell you that God was
with us. Yes, HE was. In our panicking, PHCN took the light. 
If not, what could have happened? 
Apart from the gadgets getting knocked off, what about the building engulfing in fire?  Yes,  it was almost.
called the electrician that worked on the building from the  start to
come quickly as early and as fast as possible. D man did not die in the
accident.He survived it.He came to greet us last year and we had
rejoiced to see him alive.   Thank God l called him. A neighbor
electrician had worked on the wiring before, when we did not hear a
thing  about our electrician then. 
the man came, light was restored . Another thanks to God.  If not we
might not have been able to detect the fault, even if  generator was
On seeing that
without the cutout, the lights were still on, he checked all the
fixtures to realize that what we should have been using for neutral had
all the being used for the regular line.
means there was no neutral line,there was light in the 4 places. All of
them now were malfunctioning. And neither of the other two electricians
had been to tackle the problem. 
Thank you Lord for removing tears from our eyes. For not making us end the year homeless and with nothing. 
also showed us that He was with us throughout. This is because the
lights were restored when the man came. Immediately he finished his work
(it took him 2 hours to detect the fault and work on it) the light went
Like David said in the Bible, l also say,’Who are  we that the Lord decided to show us His mercy, and to make us a sure house?
along we did not know we were living in danger through the carelessness
of various artisans we called to help us fix things.
God it was not only the children that were at home. They would have gone
to change to other line and then gone back to sleep. 
My prayer is that God will never for once leave us to ourselves. 
HE will not allow the enemy to fight us with electrical defaults that will ravage our homes in the name of the Lord Jesus. 
did it for us,  delivering us and giving us something to praise HIM for
up till today and it will be forever.He will save you also. 
Praise the Lord.


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