#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! “The fire consumed all…”

God be praised. You are a
great King and a great God over all Your creation. 

You kill and You make
alive. You alone have such power.

l just want to bless You, Lord for
Your love for me and my family and for the opportunity You gave me to
testify to Your goodness upon us.

My two children are presently in of the universities in Lagos state. Because they are both girls, they stay together in a room in their
Two weeks ago, according to them, they used candle to study till they
slept off.

The lit candle finished their notes and books. 

It descended on their pillow, consumed it to the point that the hair on
their head was in it, already burning. 

This was when they woke up. 

You would not believe this because it sounded more of a fairy tale, but
that is the truth.
My thanks to God are of manifolds.
They were sleeping but could not smell the smoke nor were they able to
feel the heat -on the head? 

Thank God with us that our name is not linked to the burning of an institution hostel. 

2014 will be our ( including you) year of God’s
visitation in the name of the Lord.
God removed tears of regret from us, l therefore use this testimony to
link you to this same God to wipe away tears from your eyes.
Only God could have done this. 

Kemi, one of the girls mentioned your blog to me to share my testimony.
I could not keep it to myself. Why wouldn’t l tell the whole world?
You would not have felt like l did when l was told. 

Yet, see that the
Lord can do all things!

us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have
got a great testimony you’d like to share, kindly send it in to
[email protected] 

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