#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! BRT bus brake failure

Hello kemi, thanks for this platform!
The covenant-keeping God
remembered His covenant of preserving my life. He had promised me in His
Word that He will never leave me nor forsake me.
I had a dream, a terrible one.
I saw someone contending something with me.l resisted her vehemently. It was a tug of war.
However, l thank the Lord for His help. Could l have stopped the enemy charging and raging against me in the dream land?
When the contender saw that I restrained her, she told me l should be ready to exchange my life for the thing.
It was a Sunday night.
From the time l got up from the bed, l began to sing worship and victory songs till the 3rd day.
On Tuesday following, l boarded a BRT bus  going to the island. The vehicle was speeding.
When the brake failed, the
driver lost control.
The passengers were trying to jump out of the
bus.There were shouts inside. I woke up because l was dozing.
tried to jump down, a hand restrained me.l was then able to see  that
the door was high from the ground. I might jump to my death.
Just then, a thought came to me-to start calling on the name Jesus, Jesus, the Blood of Jesus. 
So l started but sooner than one could imagine, the two front tyres climbed the culvert and got stuck.
Yes, got stuck.
If not that, the vehicle could have tumbled over the pedestrian bridge. Praise the Lord.

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