#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! ‘The baby in my womb had HIV”

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 Praise the Lord with me. Can
l implore you to shout Halleluiah to the 3-in 1 God Who did 3 – in 1

Just like one yoruba name- Ayomipo – My joy overflows.

I married close to 10years without a child. 

I waited on the Lord, believed
on Him and hoping on daily basis when my time would come. 

Sure.the miracle came when l almost lost my home. 

Testimony 1

Please, follow me patiently
and you would know of God’s power in the life of His creation. 

When l was 7month old in pregnancy. l traveled to US to have better
treatment and delivery, that was my thinking. 

The first set of ante-natal
tests done on me threw me off balance. The baby in the womb was
discovered to be HIV/AIDS positive. 

The solution according to the medical
team was evacuation! No, how could l have waited with agony of heart to get pregnant and
just to lose the blessing even before it mature? I told them my reason
of wanting to hold on with the pregnancy.l cried to God,reminding Him
of His many promises and all l had seen or heard him do for

Could he have taken me thus far to leave me empty?

How come the foetus was infected and l was not?

This was a RIDDLE.

My husband was tested and was discovered to be a carrier of HIV-AIDS

I was not surprised. The enemy
had tried to use my !status! -barren- to take him from was at the
brink of losing him that God moved. I loved him then and l still do. It
was just that the storm blew hard against him and he stumbled.

We were now in it together. We asked God to have mercy. We became united
to seek God. 

Then we decided l should come back to Nigeria to have the
baby born under the atmosphere of divine presence.

That was it. God was and is a Nigerian ! 

That night, l heard the voice-Yes, go back home. I have healed you all.
You will received a sign at the airport’. 

Truly at the airport, to be specific, inside the first class cabin, l came
face to face with a well known and highly respected great Man of God.  

could never have imagined myself coming so close to him,daddy E.A
Adeboye of RCCG.

The shout l made there drew the attention of everyone,

Baba,you are my sign’, l kept on saying. 

The man of God then prayed a short prayer for me.

From there,l started my testimony. 

The end story is – l had a healthy baby who had her HIV-AIDS positive
changed to negative.

Same for my husband!.

Our home was delivered to us afresh. Who says there is no God?

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