#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! “Things were tough after Daddy became sick”

The Lord is the Help of the helpless. I will forever
tell everyone how faithful God is.God’ love has always been our lives
No matter who you are now, your life is in God’s hands.
Let each of us take time out to remember how God had come into our
rescue in the past and in the recent time. Except we cannot or do not
think aright, that is why we will refuse to appreciate God’s goodness in
our lives.
All we are and have, we owe to God, l mean, my family and I.
What about you? 

We were happy family, though of average level. We lacked no basic
things necessary for our growing up. I am the first child.
Then, daddy became ill for some years. He could not do anything for

Mother was busy taking him from one place to another for
healing. At a tender age, l became an adult. l was to write my WASCE in a
year time. Pressures came upon us to be withdrawn from school. Thank
God, l look back with glee to bless Him. Many things came my way and
that of my immediate sister to lose focus, but God was and is still with
Don’t get me wrong. We were not perfect. We were then like any other
children exposed to freedom early, not by our making nor of our
parents, but circumstances of life.
Today, we are glad. We are happy. The Lord beautified us. HE still

At every stage of our lives, HE planted some one to help us. Someone we
could not get to by our effort but someone who volunteered himself or
herself to help with no string attached.We are four.Each of us is
grateful that we have good report to make of our heavenly Father.
It is said in the Bible that darkness covered the earth, great

I can say of my family then that we were suddenly covered in
darkness, but the grace of God brought us out.
We never thought we could get to where we are now. Only God did it and
only HE could have done it.
Are you a mother with children and have lost hope or about to lose
your wits on how to see your children through life, God Who made them
and brought them into the world through you know the end from the

With you and without you, they will be made.
Are you an orphan or you still have your parents who are finding it
hard to care for you the way other parents are doing to their children,
take heart. Your life is in God’s hand.
Without my input, He helped me. I had tried to go to the University to
study a course l thought was the best for me and no other. For three
years, l had no headway, but when God came in, the road was clear. I am
happy what I turned out to be.And my siblings. My father is late now,
but mother is doing well.
Your own will not be difficult for God to do.
You will testify and God will be happy that you acknowledge Him in all
your ways. Praise the Lord.

us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have got a
great testimony you’d like to share, kindly send it in to
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