KFB Only God Could Have Done This! “The fibroid miraculously disappeared’

Lord is God.l say again, the Lord is God. His love shaped my life. HE
got me on my feet again. 
 I had a problem of fibroid. 
In my attempt to find permanent solution to
it, l tried so many places l could get help; from orthodox to
I was told surgery was the answer. 

I had a phobia for operations, yet l had been penciled down for one
after series of medical examinations. 

I thank God the fear drew me to God in a special way. l can say l was and
still is a Christian, but at that time, l was no-power carrier. My
prayer life was weak.You know what l mean. When someone has an issue
within one’s means to handle, one feels that not much prayer is

At least if the medication necessary for the health issue is
affordable, why does one need prayer?
I woke up one day, about ten days to the scheduled time and decided to
place my fears in the hands of God
I just felt the urge to pray and fast for a couple of days to seek
divine intervention, if it would come. And if not, my attitude to
spiritual things was take it or leave it, whether it is answered or not.
I would only get up and NOT hold on to faith. What l thought l could
do on my own, l would try all my best to achieve.  

However, in this case, God showed Himself to be the Greatest Being
that could ever live. HE proved HE rules in the affairs of men.
This time, l came before God with penitence and desperation, yet with
attitude of worship l had been newly taught by which l could get to
God.l remember l told Him HE could do the miraculous for me on the
challenges l was facing as He has been doing in other people’s lives.l
said l needed Him to give me a testimony. 

Yeah, God moved after some spiritual cleansing and convictions from the
Creator of the heavens and the earth.
Three days to go for the operation, l was put on routine and tests
for me to be stabilized for the surgery.
But the doctors were baffled with the results. They asked me where l had
gone and what l had taken.
Because, according to them they did not see fibroid. 

The last scan test l
did showed l had no trait of the disease.
I knew there that God gave me a new lease of life-a wholesome body. Up
till now, when I think about the issue, l myself wonder at the divine
work of God on man, especially me.l still say, ‘Could it be possible and
Only God could have made it happen.
Thank God for fears that will lead one to one’s Maker.


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