KFB Only God Could Have done this: Nobody could understand the hell l passed through

Early this year, I had severe chest pain. The discomfort was so much that it felt like an heavy substance was placed on me.


did not have enough money to visit a private hospital, so I went to one
of the Government owned hospital. I particularly went to General
hospital at Ile Epo on old Ota road. I got to the hospital and waited to
be attended to from about 8:00am to about 6:00pm.

was in so much pain that I could not complain about the wasted time to
the nurses, I just waited patiently and hoped to be attended to. This
never happened. At about some minutes past 6:00pm, the nurses announced
to us that we should go home and return the following day because they
had to close.

I went home
dejected and still in pain. When I got home, I remembered that there was
evening service in my church-Foursquare Gospel church. When I got to
Church, the programme and prayer points were on financial blessings. I
knew my primary challenge was to be healed of the pain that was tearing
my heart apart. So I cried to God in Yoruba, in a loud voice ” Olorun
mi, eyin ni oluwosan orun o, E wo mi san. Mo ti lo sodo Oluwosan aye,
won o le wo mi san, n se ni won ni kin pada wa o” 
means, “My God, you are the greatest physician, please heal me. I have
gone to earthly doctors, they could not help me. I was told to come back”

after this short prayer, I began to feel a surge in my chest and so I
left the auditorium and went outside the church. I began to throw up
severely. I vomited blood, sputum and saliva. After these intense
several minutes of throwing up, I began to feel  relieved.

It has been over two months now and the pain is finally gone. Without medications nor surgery, the greatest physician did it. 
The Lord God over ruled in my case. Nobody could understand the hell l passed through.
could it have been, getting home and sleeping through the night with
severely pain and getting myself ready for another visit to the hospital
the following morning. 
The Help of the helpless came to my rescue.
I had thought it was the pain that would kill me.
Praise the Lord l am still on my feet in the land of the living. 
Thank You, my God. You are awesome

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