KFB Movie Review: Yvonne Nelson’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ was too sad

When Yvonne Nelson released her movie ‘If Tomorrow never comes’ , she claimed the film was going to be the film of the year but I totally disagree.

Truth be told, the movie wasn’t that bad but it didn’t exactly have any wow factor…it was too sad!


A young lady, Eruwabena (Yvonne
Nelson) loses her mum in heart-rending circumstances and is sent to
serve under a priestess, who is the administrator of a deity.  There she
falls in love with Kay (Deyemi Okanlawon) and battles to survive one
misfortune after another. Her life cycle is simply a series of tragic
events back to back, town to town right from childhood into adulthood.

The major lesson from the movie is the fact that there
is a God out there looking over us and coming to our rescue when we
least expect it.

Right from the beginning, I just knew I was in for a movie full
of pain and agony….and no i didn’t get bored, i just didn’t like the fact the movie was so sad! 
There was no joy at all, the main act kept
experiencing different problems…and the only time she came out victorious was
at the end.

The characters were all amazing, they interpreted their roles well, the lightning was really good and so was the sound track. 

I loved Yvonne and Deyemi’s love story, it was so sweet and real.

Oh by the way, I cried when she had her little baby, Kweku Jnr…watching him in his state really hurt.

I couldn’t just imagine a little child deformed and
going through such pains.
It’s even sadder that the little boy is dead now.

“Had the amazing and eye opening opportunity
to film with this child in his challenging condition…unable to talk or walk,
cerebrally deformed and yet with a glow that can pierce any heart…His mother
blatantly refused to poison him as her family demanded and stuck with her guts
to give him a chance at life. I have known the treasure of raising kids…the joy
they bring and emptiness life
can be without them and so when I met this child through the Luckie Lawson Foundation
and Initiative, I decided his story could and should be told…this forms the premise
for an Yvonne Nelson Productions film, ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’… it is
therefore heartrending to note that Kwaku, this said child, 2 weeks after shoot
just passed away in an Accra hospital..He required no greater honour than at least living to share a part of his
story with the world. GOD bless your hearts Luckie Lawson Foundation, Yvonne
Nelson Productions… Kwaku lives on!!”
Yvonne announced on Instagram when little
Kweku died months ago.

This movie got me thinking especially the part where Yvonne said “So today you sit here and hear my story, I want you to leave this place with two realities. There is a GOD and there is Man and
in between – Life. We must live with this question on our minds: WHAT IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES???”

If Tomorrow Never comes
had moved me to tears. I couldn’t help but ask some questions about
life and also wonder if some people are really these unfortunate in the
How we complain about the most irrelevant
things in life or get worried or upset about things we know that we can overlook;
and right by our side others don’t have food to eat and just hope that they can
die, the thought of death is heart soothing to them!


In conclusion, If Tomorrow Never Comes didn’t wow me because it was too sad but thumbs up to Yvonne Nelson!

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