KFB Movie Review: So, was I impressed with Geneveive Nnaji’s ‘Road To Yesterday’?

Last Monday, I finally got to watch the much talked about movie of the month , Road To Yesterday which as written and produced by Geneveive Nnaji and truth be told, it’s nothing like what you’ve seen before’, this movie is different in a unique
 way, and nothing like your usual everyday kind of Nollywood films. It’s deep and unpredictable.



It tells the  story of a couple Victoria and Izu (Played by Nigerian-British actor, Oris Erhuerho and Genevieve Nnaji), who fell in love at first sight but after five years, things turned around.

Determined to weather
their storm, find answers to forbidden questions and save their
marriage, they embark on an emotional laden and heart rendering journey
into untold depths in their quest for redemption.

It’s all about love, betrayal, suspense, easy chemistry and romance. It’s produced by
T.E.N (The Entertainment Network) and directed by Ishaya Bako, ‘Road to
Yesterday ‘stars renowned screen sensation Genevieve Nnaji, Ghollywood’s
star Majid Michel, Nigerian-British actor Oris Erhuerho, Chioma
‘Chigul’ Omeruah and Ebele Okaro.


Erhuerho was the perfect choice for the character Izu. Without trying too hard, he balanced being a cool husband, and an angry heartbroken one.
Nnaji has always had an effortless sense of acting. With the right emotions, the actress arguably brought to life the character Victoria, a troubled wife and mother.
Chioma Chigirl Omeruah
was the perfect supporting actress and comic relief. Everything time
she came on screen, even without speaking, she had viewers forgetting
how intense and serious and a little bit slow things seemed.
Majid Michel
played his part as the flirty cousin of Chigirl, and of course he was
perfect. Despite the fact that he appeared in less than five scenes, he
left an impression (as usual).
From Meg Otanwa to Deyemi Okanlawon, Bolanle Ninalowo, Ebele Okaro and the rest, the casting was perfect.
What I love about the movie:

Few cast yet amazing storyline and all the characters especially Chigurl, were great.

The last 20 minutes of the movie left me open-mouthed with its twist. I cried like a baby, lol.

twist in ‘Road to Yesterday’ was everything.

The twist was great and perhaps the only thing that rescued it
from being a  boring movie.

Also, the chemistry between Geneveive and Oris was on point!


Geneveive had the same make up on her face all through the movie.

And then the movie  dragged for quite a long time,
and took time to develop.
For the first 30 minutes of its running time, I was bored. Even my friend with whom I went to the cinema with was busy with his tablet all through the first 30 minutes. The movie did not really have any action, so to speak. It only started making sense when the couple almost got lost after they embarked on the road trip!
movie also lacked the perfect soundtrack to keep viewers entertained. Many of the scenes had no sound track or background music, it was somehow.

Also, the movie told a large part of its story with flashbacks
in a way that could have been confusing at a point.

Oh by the way, Road to Yesterday contains nudity and mild sexual content; not recommended for individuals under 18.

You can watch trailer (HERE) 

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