KFB Movie Review: Light will come is an average comic relief…

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Today’s movie for review is The Light will come!

Synopsis: Light
Will Come tells the story of Lukas (Hafiz Oyetoro) a bumbling and
comical personal assistant to his chronic bachelor boss Raymond (Majid

Raymond’s parents have mandated him to get married and the
desperate search together with Lukas to find the ideal wife his elite
parents would approve of repeatedly goes wrong.

Starring: Mercy
Johnson Okojie, Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka), Majid Michael, Nuella Njubigbo
Chikere, Shaffy Bello, Eniola Badmus, Rahama Sadau, Ada Ameh.

Verdict: Entertaining. If the cinemas are in your
itinerary this weekend, and you are having a healthy craving for
Nollywood, and you’ve seen ‘The Wedding Party’, which you should have
seen by the way, then ‘Light will come’ is most definitely your best
choice this weekend.

It’s entertaining enough that, regardless of how movie-deep you are as
an individual, you won’t leave the cinema hating yourself. Though like
us, you might find many of its funny scenarios, stale and mostly
predictable, nevertheless there are some really good laughs to be had
here; especially thanks to Saka, a.k.a Hafiz Oyetoro. He saved the day.

Nollywood comedies are really having it easy at the cinemas. Because
Nigerians being the wonderful people they are, are so easy to please;
they laugh at everything and anything, so producers seem more and more
reluctant to put in the true measure of thoughtfulness and acumen any
true and worthwhile comedy deserves.

And so, whilst ‘Light will come’ played, the hall does happen to erupt
into heartily loud bouts of laughter many times over. Enough for us to
conclude, most Nigerians will find this otherwise stale comedy
entertaining enough for it not to be a complete waste of money. Just not
enough to warrant heading to the cinemas specifically for its sake.

Recommended. Nothing else new, from Nollywood, beats it this weekend.

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