KFB Movie Review: A greedy husband, a pregnant wife and the ghost in “The Duplex”

This week I got to watch ‘The Duplex’-  is a 2015 Nigerian supernatural thriller film produced by Emma Isikaku and directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka.

Pregnant Adaku
(Omoni Oboli) is haunted in her new home (a Duplex), but all hell is let loose when
her husband, Emeka (Mike Ezuruonye), becomes the victim of the same

Story Line:

An ambitious family man with a heavily pregnant wife is offered an
amazing duplex to buy at a suspiciously low bargain price. He accepts
the offer, but upon moving in his wife discovers that the deal is
anything but a bargain.

Duration: I hour, 59 seconds.


  • Omoni Oboli as Adaku
  • Mike Ezuruonye as Emeka
  • Uru Eke as Dora
  • Anthony Monjaro as Jones
  • Ayo Umoh as Akpan
  • Maureen Okpoko as Seer
Kudos to the soundtrack, background music, lightning and cast but the storyline was too loose and unrealistic. 
To be honest, the movie was enjoyable for the first 59 minutes, I was loving the suspense, it had me on the edge of my seat, but all of a sudden, it started to drag unnecessarily, i became bored.
Agreed, the producer was trying to make a scary movie but that goal wasn’t achieved at the end of the day…the movie is more like a half-hear-ted tale that is not only unexciting, but
really does not also have anything new to offer movie-goers.   
Honestly, the story and screening lacked depth and then I had issues with some of the scenes! 
For instance, one thought
Adaku would scream and express shock when the monster appears fully for
the first time; rather she screams when she embraces her husband. In
fact, her reactions are childish.
In reality, if such a thing were to happen in one’s home in Nigeria, on first impulse, one would run out of the house first but nah, Adaku stayed in till her husband got back.
come Emeka raises more alarm than his wife when he starts to see the
ghost?  Naturally, one thought the reverse would have been the case. 

And then the pregnancy, even after six months, it still looked the same way, no difference, oh please!

At first, they made us believe the couple weren’t Christians. Her husband convinced her to always say
“i will not see anything and i will not hear anything.” whenever she heard the ghost…christians would have settled for the name of Jesus, right?

Only for the movie to get half way and the husband prays round the house using the name of Jesus, something they should have done months earlier. As if that wasn’t enough, he still goes ahead to seek a spiritualist whose psychic acting was so annoying, lol.

So many things were just so wrong with the storyline.

In conclusion, “Duplex” is not a movie i would waste money to see at the cinemas, neither is it something I would love to watch again.

You can check it out on IROKO TV!

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