KFB Movie review: The chemistry between Joselyn Dumas, OC Ukeje and John Dumelo in “Love or something like that” was spot on…

Hey Guys! This week we are taking you all the way to Ghana for the hit movie – “Love or something like that”.

This movie still leaves me awe of the revolution that has  taken place in Ghollywood. Many Nigerian blockbusters may not be
able to compete with this movie.
Apologies to Ibinabo Fiberesema
and the entire AGN team o.
Anyway, (*clears throat) this movie thought a lot of
lessons about love, marriage and reality.
Dumelo (Alex Mettely) , Joselyn Dumas (Kwarley Mettley), Christabel Ekeh, O.C
Ukeje (Henry Dominic) and Nana Mensah.
Attoh, Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Joselyn Canfor-Dumas
Love or something like that is the story of a
beautiful young surgeon Kwarley Mettley (Joselyn Dumas) who got married to her
prince charming Alex Mettley (John Dumelo). Kwarley had a perfect life. She had
a good, supportive and understanding husband and a career she could give her
life for.
Her world soon falls apart after a chance meeting
with her artist ex- boyfriend Henry Dominic (O.C Ukeje).  Henry had forcefully had unprotected sex with
Kwarley in the past and infected her with HIV/AIDS.
This unfortunate incident threw Kwarley’s life in absolute chaos.
This movie is a well-rounded love movie that talks
about the realities of marital life and not just
I must give thumbs up to the story writer cum
director Shirley
. I have always heard she is a Pro, and trust me I duff hat
for the ingenuity displayed in the movie.
 The quality, message, acts and lines wowed me. The soundtracks used were so on point ( Davido’s Aye was one of them). The picture quality was crisp, great editing, plot and
setting.  It arguably can rival  Hollywood’s love movies.
The cast nko, pure fantastic!

Josely Dumas’
hour-glass shape, pretty face and demeanour in the movie was all captivating,
plus whatever she wore, looked good on her.

John Dumelo also brought in his indisputable talent. He was sooo real,
for a moment I forgot I was seeing a movie. The scene where John Dumelo had to
cry because he was losing his wife caught my heart. I remember his friend Christabel Ekeh  in the movie, told him that, “Women
do not like men who cry like a baby, but love a man who can cry for his baby”
(Ladies, I know we totally support this line, am I right or right?).
And then hmmmm, O.C Ukeje who played the role of a sick ex-boyfriend…he super nailed it.
O.C Ukeje I beg to say is acting personified.
Seriously guys, almost nothing went wrong with this
movie. Absolutely!  The only flaw I can
point at is that we were made to believe that Alex and wife Kwarley got married
in the church without doing prerequisite health tests.
Kwarley was a
doctor, a surgeon at that, she would not in reality have gotten married without comprehensive tests of  HIV/AIDS and other
But we understand na, It’s just a movie after all.
”Love or Something like that” is interesting, humour-filled,
entertaining, educative and informative.
This is a great movie, I totally recommend Love or something like that on our  next trip to the cinema.
You can watch the trailer Here 

It is also showing at the cinemas this week 🙂

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