KFB Movie! I finally watched a yoruba movie after months #RIPBisiKomolafe

Who has seen Egbo Inu – internal wounds?

After taking a break off Yoruba movies, i finally saw one during the week – ‘Egbo Inu’.
It’s not a exactly a recent movie but it was released months after Bisi Akomolafe passed on – twas one o the last movies she featured in before her untimely death.

It revolves around three friends who met while in the varsity, years later they get married to different spouses, only for them to start bed wetting at nights.

They start looking for solutions to this huge problem!

Cast: Toyin Aimakhu, Gabriel Afolayan, Sukanmi Omobolanle, Rachel Oniga, Murphy Afolabi , Bisi Komolafe.

This movie kept yours truly on a hot seat from the very beginning to the end, it’s a suspense filled movie that will keep you glued till the end credit rolls. The picture quality, storyline, background movie….everything was spot on!

However, I didn’t really enjoy the Part two – it had unnecessary stories and irrelevant scenes e.g the club scene with Toyin Johnson.
I also didn’t buy the idea of dumping the “Jesus saves with prayer, fasting and
faith” theory to Ifa’s quick solution.
They should have ended the movie when
the mother died for her son, in my opinion, it makes better sense that
way and we as viewers can gain educative insight that only faith in
Christ Jesus by  prayer and fasting can deliver someone, not Ifa….moreover, must all Yoruba movies end with Ifa?
You can watch part one HERE and Part two HERE.
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