KFB Health Talk! 9 Habits That Endanger Your Health; What Every Woman Should Know

While most of us make it a point to eat healthy and exercise as often as
possible, we tend to ignore other simple things that actually take a
toll on our well-being. Myne Whitman has just pointed out some habits that endanger our health. Find out if you are compromising on your health
everyday by indulging in these habits that you must say goodbye to

Wearing heels often: Do your back and feet a favour and keep the
high heels only for special occasions. Victoria Beckham and Kim
Kardashian may swear by their towering stilettos but they also have a
battery of help to cater to their every need. An alarming number of
women have started wearing heels on a daily basis, or every other day.
And experts say that wearing high heels affects posture, puts a lot of
pressure on joints, and at times even lead to conditions like painful
bunions, hammer toes, back pain and arthritis. Not to mention the risk
of twisting your leg and falling down.

Damage control: Ensure that if you have to wear heels often, they
aren’t more than 1.5 inches. Alternatively, carry a pair of flats while
you travel and wear heels only for some time. Rest your feet after
wearing heels by soaking feet in warm water.

Lugging around a heavy handbag: Most women’s handbags weigh an
average two to five kilos. Shocked? You should be. The sheer number of
things women keep and carry in their handbags can scare most men off.
But carrying around such heavy bags put your health at risk, you’re
inviting health problems like back, neck and shoulder pain. Your posture
also goes for a toss, lugging around a heavy bag will make you slouch
sooner or later.

Damage control: Make it a habit to empty your bag every week or
two and carry only absolutely necessary items. Or even better, switch to
a smaller bag to avoid the temptation of putting more things in your

Not removing your makeup at night: Sometimes even the most
meticulous women give in and don’t remove their makeup before turning in
at night. While this cardinal sin is a strict no-no, what you should
know is that leaving makeup on all night is inviting skin problems. Your
face needs to be cleaned of the makeup, dirt and oil at the end of the
day or you will face problems like clogged pores, tired looking skin and
pimples. Wearing eye makeup overnight can cause eye irritation or even

Damage control: Keep a bottle makeup remover and cotton swabs
right next to your bed so that no matter how tired you are, you can just
reach out and remove the makeup.

Trying to outdo men at drinking: Among those women who feel they
can drink as much as men if not more? Do yourself a favour and stay away
from such drinking competitions. On an average, women not only weigh
lesser than men, they also have lesser body water to dilute the alcohol,
meaning they get drunk faster. Not to mention the damage you do to your
liver by these binge drinking sessions.

Damage control: Let the men drink themselves silly. Recognise your limits and stick to them.

Wearing ill-fitting bras: Over a whopping 65% of women are
thought to wear the wrong sized bra. And wearing an ill-fitting bra can
have repurcussions like neck, back and breast pain, bad posture, skin
irritation and even breathing problems. Not only will your clothes sit
badly on you but you will also slouch a bit.

Damage control: Go to a lingerie store and get yourself measured
by an expert so that you know your exact size. And since women’s bodies
tend to change, get yourself measured once a year.

Dwelling over the past: When you refuse to let go or stop
thinking of your past or worrying incessantly about the future, you are
damaging your present as well your future. Mental stress can drain you
of energy and affect you in more ways than you realise. And according to
studies, women have a higher chance of suffering from stress-related
disorders than men.

Damage control: If you find yourself depressed or anxious, ask
yourself what is causing it. Is it a broken relationship or health woes?
Address the problem at the root and don’t be afraid of asking for help.

Worrying about looks: Vanity affects both the sexes but it
affects a far larger number of women than men. And women have a range of
body issues, which can take a toll on them mentally. Going on numerous
diets, having eating disorders and undergoing excessive cosmetic surgery
can cause you physical harm.

Damage control: Toss those beauty magazines in the trash and
improve your body image by making a conscious effort. Be happy with what
you’ve been given.

Emotional eating: When was the last time you reached out for that
comfort food and guiltily ate it? Women are genetically more emotional
than men while comfort eating affects both sexes, it is said that men
tend to eat emotionally when they’re happy and women when they are
upset. And women tend to satiate their cravings with sweet, high calorie
foods instead of healthier options.

Damage control: Next time instead of allowing the cravings to get
the better of you (and your waistline), distract yourself with
something other than food.

Not sleeping enough: Do you get your eight hours of sleep every
night? Or do you scrimp and then sleep all weekend? Don’t blame a hectic
lifestyle or stress on not getting enough sleep. Not only can
inadequate sleep make you feel lethargic, it can also make you look like
hell, apart from causing accidents, overeating and an increased heart
disease risk. Sleep affects your blood pressure and mood more than it
affects men.

Damage control: Go to sleep early as often as you can and wake up at the same time everyday.


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