#KFB Foodie Talk! Nsala soup (White soup)

our newbies, the KFB foodie talk column – handled by Dobby of Dobbysignature – is basically for ladies and
‘guys’ that are interested in learning how to cook better ;).
Last week, we learnt how to make pounded yam in a blender (HERE), we’l be discussing Nsala soup for today.
Nsala soup also known as “Ofe Nsala” by the
igbos, “Afia efere” by the Calabar people and “White
soup” in English is a very popular delicacy in the eastern and southern
parts of Nigeria.  
It is known as white soup because this is one of the
major Nigerian soups that doesn’t require palm oil though some people add very
little sometimes. It is also one of the easiest one pot soups I enjoy

Before making this soup, I’d prepared my mind that I was going
all Traditional with the preparation starting from the mouth watering pounded
yam swallow which is the perfect side dish for the Soup to the pounding of the
local spices such as Ata rodo “scotch bonnet”, Mpkuru uziza seeds,
Uda seeds e.t.c. 
After making this soup, deep within me I knew I had done
something right. This was because the whole pot of soup was Used up in one
night…lol! The whole Fam kept thanking me even till the next day. This
soup would definitely get everyone asking for more.

How to make Ofe Nsala (white soup

•Prep time:   30 mins
•Cook time: Over 1 hr

• 1 medium
sized Cat Fish
• 1 medium
sized Dry fish 
• 1 small
Stock fish (I used the head) 
• 1 Red
• 2 Scotch Bonnets “Atarodo” 
• 1 tbsp.
Peppersoup spice or 1 tbsp. Ground Uda seeds, Ehuru seeds & Mkpuruziza seeds
• 3 Stock
cubes, Crushed
• Salt (To
• 2 tbsp.
Crayfish, Ground 
• 2 tbsp
full Yam , pounded – Thickener 
• 10 Uziza leaves “False cubeb” 
• 5 Utazi leaves “Gongronema latifolium”- Optional
• 2 Small
sized Ogiri Okpei
• Ngoloo
or Isam (Priwinkle) (As desired)
Preparation of the catfish, dry fish
& stock fish:

For this soup any type of meat or seafood can be used. For this, i made use of
Red beef and sea foods like Stock fish, Dry Fish, White Periwinkles
“Ngoloo(igbo)/ Ngongo (Crossriver) and Catfish “.


• To prepare the stock fish and dry fish, soak them both in hot water for about
5 mins till they regain moisture and soften. Remove the bones from the dry
fish, Rinse the stock fish and dry fish – set aside.

• To prepare the periwinkles, Remove the eyes and gut of the periwinkles, Rinse
– set aside. For this recipe, i made use of just Ngoloo which is the white


• To prepare the catfish, soak in Hot water till all the slime removes (View the full process Here). Rinse severally and
set aside- set aside

 Preparation of the pepper &

If you’ve got a blender, simply blend the onion and pepper together with a
little water. But to do it traditionally as i did, you could simply pound the
onion and pepper – set aside 

Preparation of the leaves & Ogiri
For this soup, you can make use of any type of ogiri such as Ogiri egusi, Ogiri Okpei and Dawadawa. For the
Igbos, Ogiri Egusi is mostly preferred because of it’s very strong Aroma but if
you don’t have it, you could simply use Ogiri okpei(Igbo) or dawadawa(Hausa).
For this, i used Ogiri Okpei which i Simply dissolved in a little amount in
water & then set aside.
Preparation of the Utazi & Uziza
The Use of  Utazi is optional
and should be added sparingly. it’s used to give the soup a slightly bitter
taste while the Uziza which is Very Hot/ peppery adds an aromatic flavor &
taste to the soup. Avoid adding too much since the scotch bonnet (Atarodo) is
being used and also, Chop the utazi and uziza leaves – Set aside


Preparation of the pounded yam
Learn to make pounded yam from scratch
Learn to make pounded yam in a blender

prepare the soup::::
Place the Red beef in a medium
sized pot and add a little water just enough to go half way through the beef in
the pot. Add the pounded or blended onion and pepper, salt and stock cubes.
cook for about 15 mins till a little bit tender.
Once the meat is tender, Add some
more water (The amount of water you add would be the quantity of soup you’d end
up with), Pour in the dissolved ogiri and add the Cat fish, washed stock fish
and dry fish, Peppersoup spice / ground uda & mkpuru uziza seeds, Cray
fish. leave to boil for about 5 mins
Once it starts to boil, Add the
tablespoons of pounded yam, stir and cover the pot. The yam would dissolve and
thicken the soup. Leave to cook for about 10 mins till it starts to boil and
you are satisfied with the thickness. You could add more yam if you want it a
little bit thicker.
Add the Periwinkles, and chopped
Uziza and utazi leaves. Reduce the heat and leave to simmer for for 3-5mins
Turn off
your burner and serve with Pounded yam or you favorite Swallow


Try it out kfbers and tell us your experience!  

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